Cultured Marble Baseboards? – A New Idea for your Mudroom

Cultured Marble Baseboards

Have you ever had your pet or child enter your home and track mud or water throughout the house?  Especially after you have just finished cleaning?  It can be pretty upsetting – which is why many homes have a mudroom.

What is a mudroom exactly?  It’s a small room where footwear or outerwear can be removed to help keep the house clean.  If your coat or shoes are wet, they can be removed and left to dry without tracking dirt through the house.

A new idea for your mudroom

A mudroom is usually pretty plain.  They usually consist of a tile floor, baseboards and maybe a few hangers for clothing.  Because a mudroom sees a lot of mud and water in it, water damage can be a problem.

To help prevent water damage, the team at Sand and Swirl have developed cultured marble baseboards!  Some of the benefits of cultured marble baseboards in a mudroom are:

cultured marble backsplash

  • 100% sealed surface to keep water from absorbing into the walls
  • Helps prevent mold
  • Easy to keep clean and looking nice
  • Comes in a variety of colors to help match your flooring and other decors

Of course, these baseboards can be used in more than just a mudroom.  They are also great in bathrooms and other areas of the home where water is a concern.

What is the price of cultured marble baseboards?

The pricing of our cultured marble baseboards can vary based on the pattern and height of the baseboard.  They are priced by the linear foot and can be less expensive than many tile options that are available.  If you would like to know more or see the different baseboard options that are available, we invite you to stop into our cultured marble showroom.  We are open Monday through Friday and would be happy to help you discover the possibilities using cultured marble products in your home.