Examples of Granite’s Amazing Versatility


Of the many reasons to value granite as a material for bathroom countertops, floors and numerous other areas, versatility has to be near the top of the list. Not only is granite durable and gorgeous to the eye, it has a wide range of ways it can be featured within your home’s décor.

At Sand and Swirl, our cultured granite showers and numerous other granite products help showcase this versatility. Here are a few general examples of granite styles that show off just how widely this product can be used.

Copenhagen Granite

For many of the same reasons granite is used as a countertop material, it’s also often used outdoors – it’s a top choice for outdoor kitchens due to durability. A popular style here is Copenhagen granite, a hardscape element that can last even through freezing temperatures.

White Supreme Granite

Another great quality of granite is the unique variety of patterning that it can come with, ranging from light and subtle to bold and loud. This makes it perfect for walls, as well as floors and countertops – a good example here is White Supreme granite, which features gray veins on a creamy white background. These shades blend easily with décor of numerous other styles, making this a decorator’s best friend for both a modern and traditional setting.

Roma Imperiale

The rest of the kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to match the countertop, and bold patterns like Roma Imperiale granite, which shows off loud yellows and golds, are a good example here. Granite offers plenty of choices for a more muted backsplash or contrast area if you desire it.

Imperial Gold

Bathrooms and granite showers are more than just a place to get clean these days – they’re a relaxing area for many people to decompress in. Imperial Gold granite is a perfect way to bring this kind of comfortable feeling to the room, with a combination of gold and red backdrop colors that mimic fall in many ways. Imperial Gold granite is also very easy to clean as long as it’s sealed regularly, making it perfect for many bathroom countertops or other bathroom areas.

To learn more about our cultured granite or any of our other products, speak to the pros at Sand and Swirl today.