Frequently Asked Questions about our services

You’ve probably heard it somewhere that the only bad question is the one that isn’t asked.  That is definitely true, but we thought we would answer a few of the common questions our clients have about our services.

Do you do complete bathroom remodels?

No, we do not do complete bathroom remodels.  We manufacture and install cultured marble surfaces that can be used as a bathroom or shower surround as well as bathroom countertops.  We do, however, have some amazing contractors we can refer you to for everything else.

Do you do bathroom floors?

That one is a little more difficult to answer.  We do manufacture and install shower floors, but we do not create a product for general bathroom flooring.

What do I need to do to prepare my walls for cultured marble installation?

Because we are going to be covering your walls with a cultured marble product, you only need to have the water resistant Sheetrock installed. You do not need to mud and tape the Sheetrock where we will be installing the cultured marble.  We recommend DensArmor for your Sheetrock.  Please do not use DIAMONDBACK DRYWALL or REDGARD MEMBRANE.  Our material will not adhere well to these products and is not necessary with our solid surfaces.  We will go over other details of prepping your walls when you come to visit us in your showroom.

What do I need to do to prep for a step-in shower?

For a step-in shower, install the drywall as normal but leave the Sheetrock 6” from the subfloor.

What do I need to do to prep for a tub surround?

For a tub surround, install the drywall all the way down to the top of the tub flange.

Do I need to remove my plumbing fixtures for the install?

Yes, please remove all plumbing fixtures prior to us coming to install your cultured marble product.  We do not provide this as a service, so if you are unable to do it yourself, please contact a plumbing professional.

How much would it cost me to install cultured marble around a standard bathtub?

The cost of a project really depends on several factors, which is why we give you a quote in our showroom.  We can work with you in tailoring an option that will fit within your project budget.

In Conclusion

These are probably the most common questions we receive in our showroom, but we love to answer questions about what we do.  If you have a question that we haven’t answered, come on in to our showroom and we’ll see if we can answer it for you.