Tips for Selecting Your Bathroom Color Scheme

Bathroom Color Scheme

When you’re looking to complete a major bathroom renovation, one of the first big decisions you’ll be faced with is your color scheme. At Sand and Swirl, our cultured granite and marble bathroom countertops come in a huge variety of colors, including many brighter and more vibrant colors some automatically assume aren’t possible with these types of stone.

Selecting color scheme might be a quick breeze for some people, but for others it’s a serious and laborious process – there are several factors to consider, and color brings an aura to a room that many people care a lot about maintaining. Let’s look at a few general tips for selecting a color scheme that’s right for you.

Pick Your Colors

Let’s put some emphasis on it: Pick your colors. Colors you and your family are most attached to are almost always best for an area like a bathroom where you spend so much time. They’ll make you feel comfortable and at home in your space.

On the flip side, make sure your color scheme isn’t a total deal breaker for anyone who will use that bathroom often. A color one member of your family absolutely can’t stand might lead to complaining and even another possible bathroom remodel before you had any interest in doing so.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bright

Because there’s very little empty space in most bathrooms, bright colors are perfect as borders or backdrops for the few objects which are in the room – cabinets, woodwork and appliances. Bright colors can make these inset items pop in contrast.

Flexibility/Advanced Planning

Know that if you’re planning a detailed color scheme, you need to be flexible and also get out in front of your project. Don’t start buying color products for one element of the room before you have the entire design laid out, and be sure to leave room for expected changes that will come along the way when certain elements don’t work or need to be adjusted.

Big to Small

In general, you want to start with the largest and most fixed items of your bathroom as your base color, and then match other items to that. This may mean the tiles in your bathroom, or a large cabinet or the bathroom countertops. It’s easier to harmonize colors this way.


Don’t underestimate how vital lighting is, especially if your bathroom receives any natural sunlight and will have different light schemes throughout a given day. Make sure you check your colors against all forms of lighting that might hit the room, and again, make sure no one in the family is specifically against any of your major schemes.

Ready to get started? The experts at Sand and Swirl are standing by to assist with your next bathroom renovation project.