May 4

4 Cool, Sleek Bathroom Remodel Ideas You Need Now


In case you haven’t noticed, spring has finally sprung here in Utah. When the weather starts turning warm, most people turn to remodel projects to give the inside of their home a new look. To help provide some inspiration, here are four cool, sleek bathroom remodeling ideas every home-owner should check out.

#1 – Stylish Modern Tub Surrounds

This tub surround gives a very modern, elegant look to any bathroom. You can achieve this look using glass tiles, combined with a cultured marble surround. The clean lines and the modern shape of the tiles will breathe new life into any bathroom design. You’ll also enjoy that the tub surround is completely grout-free and easy to maintain.

#2 – Walk-in Waterfall Showers

The trend of walk-in showers isn’t going away any time soon! In fact, it seems this trend is on the rise right now. Can you imagine a fully enclosed shower with no door? You just walk-in and enjoy a nice, relaxing shower. This shower features our black quartz finish with polished nickel fixtures.

#3 – Walk-in Bathtubs

It’s nice to know that as we age, we don’t have to give up on style as well. This photo features a beautiful walk-in bathtub with a white cultured marble surround with an accent of glass and mosaic tiles above. The most beautiful part of this tub is that it’s as easy to clean as it is to get in and out of.

#4 – All-in-one Countertop Sinks

Having an all-in-one countertop and sink is a beautifully simple way to give your bathroom a quick update. This stunning example is a soft cream marble top with bronzed fixtures. The Backsplash is also a textured cultured marble making this sink a worry-free, easy-clean alternative to other natural stone surfaces.


If you are wanting to get more amazing ideas for a bathroom remodeling project in your future, come on into our amazing showroom at Sand and Swirl! You will find many different examples of color, texture, and style for your bathroom needs. Our team can also provide amazing ideas with some of the new trends in bathroom design, giving you a completely customizable look your friends and neighbors will be jealous of.


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