Carrara Series Cultured Marble

Carrara Series - Ideal for showers and countertops

Our Carrara marble is perfect for showers and countertops in Ogden, Layton, Bountiful, and the surrounding areas in Utah. This luxurious marble of crushed limestone mixed with polyester resins, forming a grout-free, easy to clean surface.

Our grout free, worry free cultured marble showers are far superior to other products on the market for many reasons.

Carrara series Sterling Silver recessed shelf
Carrara cultured marble in black
Carrara marble taupe and cultured granite chocolate fudge
Carrara marble in black with tile accent border
Carrara cultured marble fawn beige with wave bowl
Custom Carrara Empress Sand with Walnut Toffee accent border
Carrara Empress Sand with Percia and Euro door
Carrara cultured marble taupe with walnut toffee accent border

Clear Gel Coat for Durability and Cleanliness

When manufacturing the marble, we seal it with a gel coat, making it sanitary and virtually impervious to mold, stains, and water.

Our shower base and walls have a high quality Low HAP clear ISO gel coat that is water proof wthout ever needing seal, and are durable and resistant to chipping. This gel coat also provides the high luster, easy to clean finish to the final product. When used in conjunction with high quality matrix resins and good manufacturing procedures, this gel coat will easily provide 2000+ cycles in the hydrothermal shock test (ANSI Z124.3).

Leak-Proof Showers

Our Carrara marble panels for showers are custom manufactured to provide minimal seams, typically only where panels meet in the corners. When installed properly, using high grade mildew resistant silicone, your shower becomes virtually leak proof. There is no need for grout or sealers with a cultured marble shower.

Custom Bowls

Increase the beauty of your bathroom counter top by including one of our unique bowl styles.

View our color options or visit our showroom to find your perfect match.