Christmas Box House Donation Drive

Giving back during the holidays is very important to us here at Sand and Swirl. We feel that we have been blessed in so many ways and we truly have. Our clients are the most incredible people we know, we have amazing employees and associates, and we live in one of the most caring communities in the nation. Will you join us in helping to give back?

The Christmas Box House Charity

This year we are focusing on the Christmas Box House charity for our annual holiday donation drive. For those of you not familiar with the Christmas Box House charity, this is a place where children who are victims of abuse, neglect, or homelessness can go to seek help. If you would like more information about their important mission, I invite you to visit their website

How can I help?

The Christmas Box House is always seeking donations from caring citizens for normal everyday items, such as clothing, underwear, etc. After speaking with the representatives of the local Christmas Box House in Ogden, we found that it is easier to give them gift cards that they can use to obtain the specific items they need. That is what we are focusing on for our drive.

If you donate a $25 gift card we will give you $75 off of our services. If you donate a $75 gift card, we will give you $200 off of our services. If you don’t need our services, we can create a gift certificate that you could give to someone who does.

Where can I donate?

You can bring your gift card directly to our showroom in Ogden. The address to our showroom is 2620 Wadman Dr, Ogden, UT 84401. We are also doing a fundraiser for the Christmas Box House on our Facebook page.


Christmas is a time for celebration, especially those children who are going through hard times. I want to thank you in advance for your generosity in helping us with this charity drive. From all of us at Sand and Swirl, may you and your family have a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

Youth Futures Drive

During the month of November, we are looking to give back to our community and those in need. We have decided to do a drive for Youth Futures of Ogden. They are a community shelter for homeless, unaccompanied, run-away, and at-risk youth. You can find out more about their powerful mission by visiting their website

Our youth truly are our future and we feel we need to do all we can to help them succeed in life. Many of the youth that receive help at Youth Futures lack many of the basics of life. That is why we are making November our Youth Futures of Ogden drive. All donations will go directly to the Youth Futures organization and will help youth in our area.

Donate and receive a gift

We know many of you do not need a reason to donate, but we are giving back to those who give during the month of November. Here’s what we would like you to do:

  • Bring in a $25 gift card, or any item listed below, and receive a $50 discount on our services.
  • Bring in a $50 gift card, or any item listed below in bulk, and receive $150 discount on our services.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom, bring in a donation and you can save hundreds of dollars on your remodel.

Even if you are not considering upgrading your bathroom, we invite you to donate. You can even claim a gift certificate that you could give to someone who is thinking about remodeling their bathroom. You will look like a hero to both the youth receiving your gift and the person you give the gift certificate to.

There are a variety of items that the shelter is asking for to help the youth. Here is their basic list:

Gift cards for:
– Walmart
– Grocery Store
– Maverick
– Restaurants
– Movies
– Bus passes or tokens
– Phone minutes
– Beauty
– salons/haircuts
– Shoe stores

Other Items:
– Lagoon passes
– Cash donations
– Printer paper
– Canned meat & jerky
– Scotch tape
– Bus tokens or passes
– Earbud headphones
– Cinch bags
– Batteries
– Sweat Pants
– Socks

– Kleenex – individuals
– Undershirts (S,M,L,XL)
– Garbage bags – 30 gallon
– Garbage sacks – small bathroom
– Lip balm
– Ziploc bags – quart and gallon
– Energy/Protien/Granola bars
– Heavy duty plastic storage bins (won’t melt if heated in shed)

Thank you for your donation

We know we have the best customers around and want to thank you in advance for supporting this drive. You can bring your donations into our store room any time during the month of November. We know your donation will greatly help those youth in our local area.

Looking for Bathroom Design Tips? Visit Our Ogden Showroom

Coming up with a vision and plan is the most difficult part of any home remodeling project. If you are like me, you are mostly a visual person and can say, “I really like that look” when you see something you like. The problem that you most likely are facing is that there are very few places you can go to get ideas. That is why we have built our modern showroom: to help you get new ideas for your bathroom remodel project.

Amazing Build-out displays

Unlike many home improvement stores, our showroom is filled with modern displays of baths and showers to help you discover the vision for your home. Whether you are thinking of a beautiful, new waterfall shower, or you are thinking of a relaxing jetted tub, we have full scale samples to help the ideas start flowing.

Relaxing Jetted Tubs with white cultured marble surround
Beautiful Waterfall shower with blue marble walls and white shower base

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

In addition to our amazing displays, most people find it helpful to talk to someone about their ideas. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on site to help you discover new ideas to make your bathroom perfect!

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you

Whether you are at the stage of just getting ideas or you are ready to start your remodel project, be sure to stop in to our Ogden showroom. We have new, exciting products being added all of the time. Let us help inspire and create the perfect bathroom for you.


Did Someone Say You Do Commercial Bathroom Remodeling?

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you find out something new about one of your friends that you never knew before? Well, today might be one of those days. Most of you know the work we do with residential bathrooms and showers. However, you probably didn’t know that we also install cultured marble in commercial bathrooms.

It’s more than bathroom remodeling to us.

We have been installing cultured marble in commercial settings for years. However, a couple of projects we have completed recently caused us to reflect on how we are being involved in the community we love. We thought we would tell you about these projects and why they mean something to us.

Ogden Union Station

There are few buildings in Ogden that are more recognizable than the Ogden Union Station. Leading up to the 150th celebration of the driving of the Golden Spike, we were hired to remodel the bathrooms in this historic structure. This meant a lot to us because we have family ties to people on the railroad. I’m sure many of you may have a tie to the railroad in some way too. So the next time you set foot in the grand, historic Ogden Union Station, be sure to go and check out the cultured marble in the main floor restrooms.

Layton Christian Academy

The Layton Christian Academy is another wonderful place that we were able to share our talents with. We love the Layton Christian Academy, not only for the good that they do in our community but for the way they bring people together. There are so many wonderful community events that happen at this facility and we were honored to be able to help beautify a couple of their school restroom facilities.

We have been able to help owners of various businesses along historic 25th street and elsewhere to remodel their restroom facilities as well. At Sand and Swirl, it is more than just a job or a work order. We truly feel that we are helping people be a part of this amazing community of Ogden that we call home.


For those of you who truly know us, it is all about community and the people in our lives. Community is about the good that brings us together. We feel honored to be a part of a community that is blessed with such a rich heritage and wonderful people. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful community.

Matching Cultured Granite Color With Complementary Accents

When it comes to bathroom countertops, vanity tops and similar needs, cultured granite is one of the top possible materials out there. Combining a beautiful aesthetic with durability and technology, cultured granite is extremely cost-efficient and long-lasting.

At Sand and Swirl, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of cultured granite products, available in numerous styles and colors. Color, in particular, is an interesting area to consider within the world of countertops and vanities – when choosing granite materials, the color of the initial design says a lot about how you’ll complement the remaining space. Let’s look at several granite color scheme options and give a few suggestions on the complementary colors you can use when designing your bathroom remodel.

White Granite

Granite is a natural stone, meaning it tends to work best with other colors you can find in nature. White countertops are some of the most common options here, often accompanied by black veins – this scheme goes very well with stone-gray backdrops and walls, plus potentially a few other muted colors as accents.

Some choose to use blue-green colorations for their cabinets and other features, while others prefer to leave them a semi-gloss white here. And if you have wood flooring in or near the bathroom, you might also consider basic plank flooring with a strong grain.

Browns, Beiges

If you’re looking more in the direction of variegated browns or beiges, tan walls and cabinets are often the best complement here. They bring texture and variation to the area, and can add ambiance if you infuse a bit of a rustic feel into minor accents. If you’re using white countertops with gray or beige veins, on the other hand, you can use cream and grayish accents – the paler the counter, the darker contrasts should be, and vice versa.

Black or Brown Granite

Many choose to go a bit darker with their granite, shooting for chocolate brown or even black. Darker browns tend to do very well with silver accents, perfect for cabinet handles or sink fixtures. Meanwhile, you could consider coloring bigger wall cabinets straight black, with salt and pepper accents that are often associated with granite in general. If you choose truly black granite, on the other hand, you might want to go lighter with your walls and ceiling, such as beige or even white considerations.

Golden Granite

Finally, if you’re looking for a brighter appearance, golden granite accompanied by a bright mustard yellow wall can be a great choice. Many choose to accompany this with cream cabinets and similarly golden accents, including handles and fixtures.

For more on choosing the best color schemes to complement your cultured granite choice, or to learn about any of our granite or marble bathroom materials and how we can help with your bathroom remodel, speak to the staff at Sand and Swirl today.

How Long Does Cultured Marble Last Compared to Tile and Marble?

We have so many great questions that come from our clients.  A question we hear a lot around our showroom is, “How long does cultured marble last compared to tile and marble?”  That is a great question because many people are familiar with tile and stones like marble, but not as familiar with cultured marble. In this article we will do our best to give an unbiased comparison between our cultured marble products and tile and marble.

A Real World Durability Comparison of Tile, Marble and Cultured Marble

Here is a real world comparison between tile, marble and cultured marble. We have chosen to focus our comparison specifically for use in bathrooms, specifically for shower and tub surrounds. This comparison takes into consideration the damp environment of a bathroom and their durability characteristics.

As you can see, tile and marble fall short in many ways. Here is our complete break-down of how tile and marble fall short.

Water-resistant – Tile and marble are water resistant, meaning they can handle getting wet. However, because the tile or the grout can be porous, water can easily seep behind and create mold problems. Cultured marble is completely water-proof, meaning it creates a complete seal to keep the water where it belongs and preventing mold.

Low Maintenance – To keep the water from seeping behind the tile or marble requires constant maintenance to the stone and grout surfaces. Grout can especially be difficult to clean and keep looking nice. Our cultured marble surfaces are low maintenance because they clean up simply with soap, water, and a squeegee. There are also no grout lines to have to scrub and seal regularly.

Difficult to break or crack – The true test of durability of any surface is how difficult it is to break or crack. A ceramic or porcelain tile can easily crack if something is dropped on it. Marble, while a little stronger than tile, can also crack and is expensive to replace. Our cultured marble surfaces are built to handle the abuses of every day living and are difficult to break or crack.

Non-porous – Some ceramic tiles and most natural stone tiles, like marble, are porous. This means that they can etch or stain easily. This can lead to costly repairs or replacement. Our non-porous surfaces help resist staining and etching, keeping your bathroom looking like new.

A Long-term Price Comparison

We know that many home improvement projects are determined by price. I don’t mean that every person is looking to do whatever is the least expensive, but everyone is looking to find the best value. To accurately calculate the price of the project, you not only need to look at the installation cost, but also the ongoing costs.

Installation Costs (industry averages installed)

  • Tile ($5 to $15 per square foot)
  • Marble ($10 to $20 per square foot)
  • Cultured Marble ($30 per square foot)

Ongoing Tile costs

  • Sealing of grout ($250 per year)
  • Cleaning of Tile ($70 per year)

That is $320 per year to simply maintain a tile or marble shower. That means in as little as 5 years, the cost of installation and maintaining a tile or marble shower equals the cost of installing a cultured marble shower. If a tile or marble shower is not properly maintained and mold problems arise, the costs can be in the $10,000 range and is rarely covered by insurance. This is why cultured marble products, while more expensive to install, are actually a better value over the lifetime or your bathroom.


I invite you to come and let us show you the difference a cultured marble shower or tub surround can make in your home. Come visit our showroom and let us give you a personalized comparison for your project.

Assessing and Debunking Granite and Marble Myths, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over a few of the most common myths out there regarding natural stone countertops like marble and granite. These countertop materials have long been and remain enormously popular for bathroom countertops, as well as several other areas of the home, but this has unfortunately led to the rise of several misconceptions that have made the rounds.

At Sand and Swirl, we’re happy to offer a wide range of cultured granite and cultured marble countertops for you to browse. From custom and integrated bowl styles to vanity countertops and much more, we’ll help you transform your bathroom space with classy, high-quality materials. In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few additional myths out there about these products.

Myth #4: Granite Isn’t In Style

We’re not sure how this one got started, but the raw numbers in terms of granite’s popularity clearly make this a spurious statement. Granite countertops are not only exquisite and beautiful, they’re also durable, strong and long-lasting.

What some are likely referring to in this area is newer forms of stone surfaces that have become popular, such as quartz surfacing. And while these surfaces are indeed high-quality and work for many people, they don’t offer quite the same level of classic touch as granite will. This product has been one of the industry’s most popular for decades, remains one currently, and will remain so for many years.

Myth #5: I Can’t Drink Dark Beverages

A common concern among those who like to enjoy a beverage like coffee in the morning, or perhaps enjoy a glass of red wine with a bath during the evening, is the risk of drinking these kinds of dark beverages around natural stone surfaces. They worry that even a tiny spill will permanently stain the natural stone, removing its pristine appearance.

But as we covered in part one of this series, this is easily avoidable with proper sealing. Sealers are designed for this exact purpose, protecting the stone while you clean up the spill. As long as you get to it within a standard period of time, there will be no stain whatsoever left over on the surface.

Myth #6: Oiling or Waxing for Soapstone or Slate

For soapstone or slate surfaces, which many people also enjoy today, there’s a myth about the application of wax or oil. While many think this is an absolute must to protect the surface from scratching, the reality is that oil and wax actually don’t provide this protection – they’re purely aesthetic concerns, darkening the surface for a deeper finish. But these materials are soft and will scratch regardless, though these scratches will blend into the patina over time.

For more on debunking natural stone myths, or to learn about any of our bathroom countertops, speak to the staff at Sand and Swirl today.

Can I Install the Cultured Marble Myself?

One of the most frequent questions we hear in our showroom is, “Can I install the cultured marble myself?”  We understand the reason for their question, they are hoping to save a little money on their bathroom project.  I wanted to share a few points to consider about why doing a self-install may not be the best option when it comes to cultured marble.

Doing your own labor could be more costly

Many people think that they will save a lot of money if they install the cultured marble themselves.  This simply isn’t true.  Most of the cost for cultured marble is in the cultured marble pieces themselves.  A little mistake during the installation process can mean a big cost to you to fix it.

Unable to provide a product warranty

It is impossible for us to warranty our cultured marble product if it has not been installed correctly.  We can trust that the cultured marble was installed correctly by one of our trained and certified installers.  Because of this trust we can provide a 3-year warranty on our products, providing you extra peace of mind.

Installation by our professionals will look seamless

Our team of professional installers will make your cultured marble tub surround or shower look professional and seamless.  All of our cultured marble pieces are cut to fit on site so that your shower is a perfect fit for your home.  This will make your caulk lines thin and beautiful.  Your friends and family will admire the quality of your new shower for years to come.


I hope these points have helped you understand why doing a self-install of your cultured marble is not necessarily the best option to consider.  We hope you will trust us, the professionals at Sand and Swirl, with your next bathroom remodel project.  We know that you will love the results!

Assessing and Debunking Granite and Marble Myths, Part 1

When it comes to kitchen or bathroom countertops, vanity tops or several other areas of home design, natural stone options like marble and granite can’t be topped. These stones provide numerous benefits, from their aesthetic beauty to several durability qualities that make them long-lasting and cost-effective parts of your home.

At Sand and Swirl, we’re proud to offer a variety of cultured marble and granite products for your countertops or any other design area of your home. Unfortunately, the popularity of these natural stone options has also led to a number of significant myths and misconceptions that have popped up about them – this two-part blog will work to reverse these misconceptions and give you the truth about the incredible value of natural stones like granite and marble.

Myth #1: Granite is Too Much Work

Some buyers see a beautiful stone product like granite and instantly assume it will be too much work. How can one maintain such a gorgeous surface without consistent major effort, including cleaning up spills or scratches that seem like they’d form easily on this sort of surface?

Well, as it turns out, they don’t form easily at all. Granite is one of the most durable countertop materials out there, resisting damage like scratching, heat and even chemical exposure. While you do have to clean up spills, just as you would with any other surface, there are no other major damage or maintenance risks here at all. The only upkeep you’ll have to perform is basic dusting and wiping.

Myth #2: Marble Is Poor for Cooking and Kitchen Work

Down similar impressionistic lines, many simply assume marble won’t do well as a cooking prep or kitchen work surface. But this couldn’t be further from the truth – in reality, marble is wonderful for several kitchen prep areas because of how cool its surface remains even in the face of heat.

This means that if you’re rolling out dough in between moving around hot pans or other heat sources, there’s no issue with material quality. Many bakers actually demand marble surfaces to work on, as all they require is basic cleaning to provide you with a high-quality prep surface.

Myth #3: Sealing Misconceptions

There are two broad myths on either side of the sealing spectrum when it comes to natural stone:

  • “Natural stone requires constant, expensive sealing.”
  • “Natural stone never needs to be sealed whatsoever.”

The reality, however, is between these two myths. Natural stone countertops will be sealed for protection against spills and other damage when they’re first installed, and then should be re-sealed roughly once a year – perhaps a bit more or less often if you use the surface particularly often or less frequently. This also may depend on the sealant, as there are modern sealant solutions being offered today that offer lifetime warranties and may not require any re-sealing after their initial application. Our professionals will guide you in the direction of the proper seal for your countertops.

For more on debunking the myths surrounding natural stone countertops, or to learn about any of our cultured marble or granite products, speak to the staff at Sand and Swirl today.


What our clients are saying about us

We always love to hear from our clients about their experience working with us and we thought you might too!  Our Google My Business page contains many reviews from our clients.  We thought it might be fun to share a few that might be relatable to you.

My condo was built in 1971. I had an insurance claim due to the grout in the shower coming out, and was leaking into the sheetrock below. The Restoration compay was extremely slow, but the one good thing was finding out about Sand and Swirl. They were able to do the job for the same price, or less than tile. I picked out the cultured Marble in their showrrom. Jake was very helpful. I even got a place to sit in the shower that I wanted. I live my new shower!

– Lori M.

It’s great stories like this one from Lori that make us smile.  I think there are many others like her that think that tile is a less expensive option than cultured marble.  We couldn’t have said it better than you did Lori!  Thanks for the positive review!

Sand & Swirl just completely my second project. I love the appearance and easy maintenance of their product. The owners and staff are easy to work with. I am most impressed by the installers. They were courteous and respectful of me and my property. They even cleaned up after themselves. Great job fellows. Thank you for making my remodel a happy experience.

– Linda B.

First of all, thank you, Linda, for choosing to use us a second time.  We are always grateful when our clients love what we do enough to trust us with future remodel projects.  Thank you for including a mention of our installers as well.  I think we have the best installers in the industry, which is one of the things that makes our product so good.

OUTSTANDING! They were professional and kind. They explained every step of the process & what we could expect. The arrived when they said they would, and the installer was professional gave his expert opinion when asked. When we were in the planning stages, they helped us find something that is the perfect fit for us. Absolutely recommend Sand & Swirl for your next project!

– Elizabeth N.

Elizabeth, we love that the experience was so good for you.  Communication is always key to a good experience and it sounds like things worked flawlessly for you.  That is always the goal.  Thanks for your awesome review!


We know that when making a decision of a company to work with, good reviews are always important.  We have thousands of satisfied clients that are more than willing to share their experience with us and we want to share them with you.  At the end of the day, we know that you’ll enjoy the product, but we want the experience with us to be just as memorable.  We are excited to hear your story of working with us.