March 3

Custom Cubbies and Niches for your Shower


Storage in the shower is an absolute MUST! Especially if you share your shower with more than one person. It doesn’t take too long before you find yourself running out of shelve space and having to resort to storing things in places like a window. That is why this month I wanted to talk about creating custom cubbies and niche’s for your shower remodel project.

Rebecca talks about custom cubbies and niches for your shower!

Standard vs. Custom shelves and niches

I think it is important to mention that there are many people who choose to use standard shelves and niches, like soap dishes, in their shower. There is nothing wrong with a standard shelf or niche, but I find that people default to the standard only because they aren’t sure what options they have.

In our showroom, you will find many examples of custom shelves and niches. These can easily be built into the framing of the walls and will create the space you want or need in your shower for storage. Our team will also help you with any of the technical things you or your framer will need to know to make the custom cubby space in your shower.

Use the space for decoration

While thinking of the practical use of a cubby or niche in the shower, you should also think about the look of your shower. A custom cubby or niche could be a way to create beautiful accent designs in your shower. You might choose to use a decorative tile to add a splash of color or texture in your shower or you might choose to use a different color of cultured marble or stone to create a beautiful look. You also might use the same color to give a beautiful unity to your shower.

Come visit us for ideas!

No matter whether you are ready to start a bathroom remodel project or you just want to get some fresh ideas, I invite you to visit our beautiful showroom. We continue to update and create new displays to help you visualize the possibilities in your home.


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