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Easy Maintenance Shower Remodel Ideas in Ogden UT


Are you one of many Utah homeowners who are tired of cleaning and sealing grout?

We have good news for you!

A groutless shower remodel is now possible.

If you have a shower remodel in Ogden UT planned, you have options that allow you to finally say goodbye to hard to maintain grout.



One of the most affordable grout-free shower options in the market today is fiberglass.

When the material is damaged, it is cheaper to repair or replace compared to other shower remodel materials.

This is an ideal material if you plan to list your home for sale. Fiberglass is a seamless material, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or mold problems.


There are limited colors available for your fiberglass shower panels, and they are prone to damage and scratches.

When colors fade, you need to replace the whole panel to fix the problem.

Since the panel comes in one bulky piece, it’s harder to transport the panel inside the home if you live in a small space.

Once your fiberglass surface is damaged, the panel will crack and be prone to molds and staining. Replacing the whole panel is necessary.

Fiberglass panels lose their shine and luster over time, even when you maintain them correctly. Using harsh cleaners will cause premature wear.



A great grout-free material for your shower remodel project.

Shower panels are made from acrylic sheets that are reinforced with glass fibers. The seamless panels give you a lower chance of water damage from your shower.

There is also little chance for mold to develop behind the acrylic panels. 

Panels are resistant to damage and scratches and come in various colors to choose from.

Acrylic is a nonporous material that protects from stains, so your panel will look good for a long time.

Expect to shell out more for acrylic panels compared to other materials, but you can be sure that you can recoup the investment over the lifespan of the shower wall panels.


Make sure that you purchase an acrylic panel that doesn’t have a crack due to manufacturing. You will spend a ton on repairs.

Acrylic showers only come in standard sizes, which means that custom shower remodels are very expensive.

Stone Resin


Stone resin showers are strong and durable and will last a lifetime; they are resistant to chipping, cracking, and damage.

This may be the last time you will have a shower remodel in Ogden UT unless you want to improve the appearance of your stone resin shower.

The surface is warmer to touch compared to other materials, which is great if you want warmth in the bathroom.

Textured surfaces also protect users from slipping when using the shower.


Material is quite heavy, which makes it hard to perform a DIY installation. It would be better to call a trusted professional to complete the installation for you.

It may be hard to find stone resin materials for large showers because of the added weight.

The extra weight could mean that you may need a separate platform to lift the shower.

Wood Shower Walls


Natural wood is a winner when it comes to aesthetics. 


They can warp due to moisture and water exposure. You need to maintain and seal them well. Wood is prone to deteriorate, so you should think twice if you want looks over durability.

Back Painted Glass


Glass tiles come in many sizes. It can make your shower appear larger as it reflects light.

It’s easy to customize your shower with many different colors to choose from. You can match your shower to your home theme.

Glass tiles will resist water, so you don’t have to worry about stains, mold, and mildew.

Cleaning is easy and cheap. A window cleaner is all you need.


Cutting the tiles on your own can be quite difficult. It would be better if you hire a trusted professional to install them for you.

Glass tiles are more expensive than other materials, you can use them as an accent to your shower remodel project if budget is a problem.

Glass can be slippery when placed on the bathroom floors, so you should choose where to place them.

Grout Free Shower Remodel and Bathroom Ideas from Sand and Swirl Inc. in Ogden, Utah

Grout free showers are what homeowners dream about with their next shower remodel project.

Tiles are the material of choice for many, but many people are getting tired of grout maintenance.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a seamless bathroom surface that you can just spray and wipe to maintain?

Seamless wall panels look great and don’t need regular regrouting and sealing?

The good news is, ceramic and porcelain tiles are not the only materials you can use for shower construction or remodeling.

No need to look further, Sand and Swirl has a complete range of bathroom solutions for you!

We can help build or renovate your shower and make it Grout-Free!

The Sand and Swirl Advantage

Quality Control Guarantee

Sand and Swirl is a trusted and reliable company that you can count on for your shower remodel in Ogden UT. 

We are famous for the quality and affordability of our cultured marble products for all your bathroom and shower construction and remodeling requirements.

We are Utah’s number one cultured marble supplier. Our cultured marble and stone surfaces are a cut above the rest.

Best Installation Services

What good is an excellent product like cultured marble if an installer does not know how to do the job the right way?

Fifteen years of experience is what you get when you hire our company. Join the list of Utah homeowners in Ogden, Layton. Bountiful and surrounding areas who now have the shower of their dreams.

Work with us and discover our grout-free shower remodel in Ogden UT solutions that can finally help you say goodbye to the hassles of maintaining grout forever.

We also offer other products aside from our cultured marble line up; we also have cultured granite and our trademark TruStone products. 


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