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Grout Free Bathroom Solutions in Ogden Utah


Are you one of those homeowners who want a grout-free bathroom? We understand your sentiment.

It’s either you hate grout or love them. We know how hard it is to keep grout clean and mold free because of their porous nature. Sealing them is one way to keep moisture from being absorbed but you may be tired of the maintenance and are thinking of bathroom solutions that involves “zero-grout.”

Tiles are great bathroom materials but they always need grout to stick them together and stay put.

Why People are Looking for Grout Free Bathroom Solutions?

Grout is considered the weak link in the tile installation industry ever since it started. Despite the technological advances of today, people still experience the following with their grout:

  • Crack easily
  • Gets discolored
  • Wears out faster than tiles
  • Flaking
  • Porous and stains easily
  • Requires sealing regularly
  • Turn yellow when exposed to sunlight
  • Sealers can be toxic

Grout Free Shower and Bathroom Idea from Sand and Swirl Inc. in Utah

Low maintenance is what homeowners dream about with their next bathroom remodelling project.

Tiles are durable and may be the traditional choice for many but people are getting tired of grout maintenance.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a smooth bathroom surface that you can just spray and wipe to keep clean?

How about seamless wall panels that look good and doesn’t need regular regrouting and sealing?

The good news is, tiles are not the only materials you can use for bathroom construction or remodelling.

No need to look further, Sand and Swirl has a whole range of bathroom solutions for you!

We can help build or renovate your bathroom and make it Grout-Free!

Benefits of Cultured Marble as a Bathroom Solution

Cultured marble is a mixture of different stone particles and resin which combine to simulate real marble with realistic colors and patterns.

They are mold from a cast to create a specific shape and size for various projects.

A great alternative to tiles for your shower panels, bathroom countertops, sinks, vanity tops and tub surrounds.

You can choose from many colors and styles to match your budget, space and design preference.

These non-porous pieces are the best materials for a low-maintenance bathroom.

You get zero grout lines and minimal sealing to perform during the lifetime of your cultured marble.

Cost Advantage

If you want your bathroom to have the look of polished stone like marble and granite but are stumped by the cost of the real thing then cultured marble is your best bet for your next bathroom remodel or construction.

Imagine paying around 40% less compared to natural marble. You can now work with more funds toward other projects in the home.

Durable and Solid Surface

Cultured marble gives you a solid and durable surface without the headache of using tile and grout. No more staining issues, re-grouting, re-sealing, caulking, and cleaning. 

The material can stand up to the common issues we encounter at home. They can withstand chipped edges and corners better than natural marble.

This doesn’t mean that cultured marble is indestructible, you should be wary about dropping heavy items or place a very hot material over the smooth surface.

Custom Built Pieces

Since cultured marble is fabricated in a factory, you can inform us of the specific size requirements that you need.

The unique manufacturing process gives our product the ability to be produced into any shape.

Do you have unusual space requirements in your bathroom or shower? No need to worry, we can make something specific for you.

Having a customized product at a lower cost is a good advantage for your remodelling or new construction project.

High End Look for a Fraction of the Price

Your cultured marble piece will look just like quarried marble which means it will look just as elegant.

Sand and Swirl can replicate the look of natural marble with clean and simple lines. 

People won’t notice the difference even when they look closely. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Finally! Wipe and clean is now a reality!

You will be happy to know that cultured marble is exceptionally easy to clean. 

Majority of household cleaners are compatible with this kind of surface. Disinfecting without harming the surface is now simple and efficient.

Regular cleaning is recommended for the prevention of mold and mildew build-up.

Cultured marble does not have the porous nature of its natural counterpart which makes cleaning effortless.

Just remember to use non-abrasive cleaners or rough cloths. Here are regular household cleaners that you can use:

  • Mr Clean
  • Lysol
  • Water and Vinegar mixture
  • Pine-sol
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Clean Shower
  • Clorox Cleanup
  • Soft Scrub’s Green Gel
  • Basin, Tub and Tile Cleaner

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Feel the cleaner between your fingers before applying. If you feel any grit, stay away from it.

For a surface with a matte finish, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner from time to time.

Waxing your surface with your car’s turtle wax once a year is also a good idea for keeping your surface easy to clean.

The Sand and Swirl Advantage

Quality Control Guarantee

Sand & Swirl Inc is a company you can rely on when it comes to the quality of our products. 

We are known for the quality and affordability of our cultured marble products for all your bathroom and shower construction and remodelling needs.

As Utah’s top cultured marble supplier our cultured marble and stone surfaces are second to none.

Best Installation Services

What good is an excellent product like cultured marble if an installer does know how to do the job the right way?

15 years of experience is what we take pride in. Join the list of Utah homeowners in Ogden, Bountiful, Layton and surrounding areas who now have the bathroom of their dreams.

Work with us and discover our grout-free bathroom solutions that can finally help you say goodbye to the hassles of maintaining grout forever.

Aside from our cultured marble products we also have cultured granite and our trademark TruStone products.


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