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Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodel in Ogden UT


Trying to move around and make everything fit in a super small bathroom can be quite challenging.

You can compare your small bathroom remodel in Ogden UT project to a giant jigsaw puzzle.

The challenges you will face involve giving enough clearance for a shower, configuring the toilet and sink to code, and where to place the towels and toilet paper.

Having a single bathroom in a home is a tricky proposition that makes a small bathroom remodel a feasible project despite the challenges.

Here are some brilliant ideas to make your small bathroom remodel project a big success:

Use Shower Curtains

One space-saving technique that you can quickly implement is adding a shower curtain instead of a glass door. There are shower and tub combos that are perfect for small spaces with some tubs measuring 60 inches in length.

Place a Sink in the Corner

A small space with a pedestal sink can be disruptive to overall movement in your small bathroom.

Adding a corner sink across your toilet is a great idea compared to a sink placed across your shower.

This will give more space to move around, especially when a shower door opens and closes right in front of a pedestal sink.

Vanity Mirror Shape and Placement

Mounting your vanity mirror above the floor frees up space and makes your bathroom look visually bigger.

A small space is not an ideal area for mirrors with sharp edges. A vanity mirror with rounded corners would work better in this situation.

You can now avoid getting bumps and bruises due to sharp mirror edges.

Another useful tip for mirrors is picking one that stretches across the wall. Every inch in a tight space helps and enabling two people to use a mirror at the same time to save space.

Ditch our vanity and go for a bigger and broader mirror. 

Glass Panels

If you have a 5-foot wide bathroom, you can squeeze in a toilet and 30 by 60-inch tub.

Given such tight conditions, using glass panels instead of a glass door can be a space saver. You will enjoy more elbow room, and it will help keep most of the water in the shower.

A glass partition in a narrow shower can give an open and airy feel to your tight space.

Towel Bar

If your space can accommodate shower doors, you can mount your towel bars on them to save space.

Store your towels in a separate closet nearby; you only need one towel to dry off anyway.


You get more space for your small bathroom remodel in Ogden UT by mounting a faucet on the wall.

Don’t be afraid to go for the traditional design, which works in any theme you choose for your small bathroom project.

Small-sized fixtures

Make most out of your limited square footage by using a sink and toilet that are small in size and wall-mounted.

Knobs and faucets over the basin can also be attached to the wall for more elbow room.

Open Shelves

Bulky cabinets should give way to open shelving in small bathroom remodel projects.

Removing cabinets is a decorative and functional way to create more space in your small bathroom. 

A Great Small Bathroom Remodel Idea in Ogden Utah

Whether you have a small or large bathroom remodel project lined up, you are probably one of the Utah homeowners that dream of having a bath with low-maintenance features.

Ogden Small Bathroom Remodel

Wouldn’t you love to have a smooth bathroom surface that you can just spray and wipe to keep clean?

Tiles are the traditional choice for many Utah homeowners, but people are getting tired of grout maintenance.

How about expensive-looking seamless wall panels that don’t need regular regrouting and sealing?

We have great news for you! Your days of cleaning grout are over!

Sand and Swirl has a complete range of bathroom solutions that are grout-free and low maintenance.

Our team can help with your small bathroom remodel project and make it Grout-Free!

The Sand and Swirl Advantage

Sand and Swirl is a company you can rely on when it comes to the quality of our products. 

We are known for the quality and low-cost of our cultured marble products for all your bathroom and shower construction and remodeling needs.

As Utah’s top cultured marble supplier, our cultured marble and stone surfaces are second to none.

If you want to lower your small bathroom remodel cost, you need to choose a trusted and reliable bathroom remodel contractor to do the job for you.

Fifteen years of experience is what you get when you hire Sand and Swirl. Join the list of Utah homeowners in Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, and surrounding areas who now have the bathroom of their dreams.

Partner with us now and discover our grout-free bathroom solutions that can help you say goodbye to the hassles of maintaining grout forever.

Aside from our high-quality cultured marble products, we also have polished granite and our trademark TruStone products you can consider for your small bathroom remodel project in Ogden, Utah. 

Small Bathroom Remodel in Ogden UT with Expert Help from Sand and Swirl Inc.

A small bathroom remodel can make your space more stylish and functional. 

It can add value to your home and helps your room adapt to your current needs. 

Keep in mind how frequently you and your family visit the bathroom every day. 

It would be great if we can maximize every inch of space that you have. 

Time flies so quickly, and having children may cause you to redesign and make it more suited to the needs at present.

If you have plans for a small bathroom remodel in Ogden UT, Sand and Swirl Inc. is a reliable company that can provide a wide range of bathroom and shower solutions for your home.

We are known for high-quality cultured marble and grout-free bathroom surfacing products. 

If you live in the Layton, Ogden, and Bountiful area, why not give us a call. We will gladly assist you from concept, construction, installation, and finishing.


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