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Interior Designer or Remodeling Contractor: Who does the best job?


Planning to remodel the bathroom? Who is the best– interior Designer or Remodelling Contractor? Know who to consider in the Bathroom Renovation Firm in Utah.

Hi there! Today’s blog is all about the difference between an Interior Designer and a Remodeling Contractor. This will see the basic difference between the two.

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5 Basic Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Remodeling Contractor:

1st Difference | Wall Fixtures. The difference of Interior Designing and Remodeling in terms of wall fixtures is that Interior Designing does not permanently fix tiles, granite, wallpapers, or any other permanent fixtures in walls, thus, temporary fixtures might be detached accidentally or fade over time. On the other hand, remodeling uses tiles, granite, or other permanent fixtures that do not easily detach. 

2nd Difference | Lighting. Lighting is one of the main works in designing. In terms of interior designing, lighting can just be a bulb, lamps, table lamps, and   non-fixed lighting, while in Remodelling, Lighting uses a more durable one like a chandelier, recessed lighting, plaster ceiling lights, and other permanent lighting structures.

3rd Difference | Bathroom Countertops. In terms of bathroom countertops, interior designing doesn’t do much work on such fixtures. Interior designing would only focus on the beauty of it, as well as its color. On the other hand, remodeling uses more permanent fixtures such as granite, sinks, faucets, cabinets and/or storage, among others.

Bathroom countertop is also one of the main furniture in the bathroom, that is why choosing the best is a must!

4th Difference | Shower Room. In interior designing, the only focus is the colors, things in shower rooms, and the likes. In remodeling, the main focus of the shower room is its structure, oftentimes, in remodeling, an ordinary shower room becomes a walk-in-shower room in which toilet is separated from the shower room. Also, a bathtub is installed in remodeling. 

Just like the bathroom countertops, the walk-in shower room is also the main in remodeling and interior design.

5th Difference | Flooring. Flooring forms part of the interior design of a bathroom. It adds grandiose in the totality of the bathroom. In interior design’s perspective, flooring could be about colors, floor mats, or any other non-fixed structures. In Remodeling’s perspective, flooring could be in the form of tiles, wood, ceramic, laminate, vinyl or linoleum, or fixed carpet. The main point of flooring aside from its design and style is that it should not be slippery to prevent falls and slipping accidents.

Who to Consider the Best– Remodeling Contractor Firm or an Interior Designer?

The Best thing about Remodelling is that it is more permanent in nature, it is not a wear-and-tear design. On the other hand, interior design is not more on permanent fixtures; in most cases, interior designing focuses on styles, colors, temporary fixtures, the arts, and the likes. 

After all, the remodeling or interior designing is only the options in designs and renovation for most bathrooms. Is it up to you whether you prefer a temporary or permanent design. 

It is also noteworthy to say that however, remodeling is permanent, there is always an option to change it. You just need to see a Remodel Contractor that modifies what has been fixed. 

Sand and Swirl Inc.: The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Firm in Utah

Sand and Swirl Incorporated is one of the Best Remodeling Firms based in Utah. Sand and Swirl Inc. offers different bathroom renovation services such as bathroom furniture installation, wall granite installation, countertops installation, tile installation, and more. 

Sand and Swirl also offer a renovation based on your desired themes, be it a modern or classic theme. 

To see Sand and Swirl’s reviews and ratings, you may check them out at Google.com, Facebook, Houzz, and Yelp. This trusted website only proves who is the Best Firm who does Bathroom Remodeling. 

For more information about Sand and Swirl as Remodeling Contractor, you may call at (801) 389-6363.


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