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Popular Bathroom Countertop Materials in Ogden UT


There was a time when bathroom countertops in Ogden UT were made of ceramic tiles or plastic laminate.

These two popular materials remain as top choices for bathroom countertops.

Here are some of the most popular bathroom countertop materials you can use for your bathroom remodel in Ogden UT.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Recent innovations like porcelain tiles are now used for the trendy and modern bathroom themes of today.

Although you can still purchase ceramic and porcelain tiles for traditional decor if you prefer.

Ceramic tiles are made from clay with a surface glaze; fire is used to harden them.

Porcelain, on the other hand, features finer clays hardened in higher temperatures. It is harder and denser, which is excellent for bathroom countertops.

Porcelain is a versatile material that can mimic wood and leather to give you many design possibilities.

The biggest downside in using this material for your bathroom countertops in Ogden UT is grout lines. They can stain easily and require periodic cleaning and sealing, which can be a nightmare for home and business owners.


The laminates of today are no longer similar to the laminates of old. What used to be unattractive pieces with metal edges have now evolved thanks to the latest technologies.

Laminates can now fool you because they now look like wood, granite, leather, marble, and even stainless steel.

Laminate bathroom countertops are fabricated from layers of plastic that are bonded to a particleboard core (MDF), so you can have a solid countertop surface.

They are available in stock pieces that can be cut and fit to your preference.

If you want a cheap bathroom countertop, laminates are your best bet. They are easy to install and come in many colors and designs.

You can buy them off the shelf at $10 to $30 per square foot. Custom made laminates cost around $40 to $65 per square foot.

They are ideal for powder rooms or guest bathrooms and can be a perfect “quick fix” if you plan to resell your home.

Natural Stone

If you want an upgrade from ceramic and porcelain tiles, natural stone is the way to go.

You have a lot of options like slate, marble, granite, onyx, limestone, soapstone.

A natural stone bathroom countertop is made from a thick slab with sink openings.


Slate is an excellent material that can resist stains. It is less porous than marble and granite and comes in uniform colors like gray, green, and black.

Expect to shell out $50 to $75 per square foot for solid slabs.


Marble is one of the most attractive natural stones you can find. They come in almost an infinite number of colors and patterns.

It is a soft and porous stone that you need to seal every year.

Solid slab marble bathroom countertops cost around $100 to $200 per square foot. 

An elegant choice for your bathroom countertop.


A rare choice for bathroom countertops, limestones are porous stones that need repeated sealing.

Slabs may be available, but many limestone countertops are made from tiles. Slab countertops cost $60 to $80 per square foot.


Quite similar to marble but has more particles of different colors in them. Granite is a top choice for a bathroom countertop thanks to its unique attributes and luxury.

An expensive material that exudes a message of elegance, you just have to maintain them by cleaning and sealing periodically.


Concrete is becoming a new trend in bathroom countertop materials. They come in highly polished and stained surfaces that can be texturized in some instances.

You can embed tile, stone, or bits of polished glass during custom fabrication.

They are strong and durable, but a repair is not possible when they crack or break. A complete replacement is necessary, which may be costly for home and business owners.

Concrete bathroom countertops can run from $75 to $150 per square foot. A great choice for the modern bathrooms of today as well as heavy use family bathrooms.

Crushed Glass

Another material that is slowly gaining popularity is crushed glass bathroom countertops.

They are made from recycled crushed glass embedded in clear concrete or acrylic material.

They are unique and strikingly beautiful to look at. Since they are custom-built, no two crushed glass bathroom countertops will look the same.

Concrete crushed glass bathroom countertops can’t be repaired when damaged; a new replacement is necessary, just like concrete countertops.

A Great Bathroom Countertop Idea from Sand and Swirl Inc. in Ogden UT

Many homeowners are getting tired of maintaining grout. It is a dream to have a bathroom countertop material that is grout-free.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the traditional picks for many Utah homeowners, but people are getting tired of grout maintenance.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a smooth bathroom surface that you can just spray and wipe to keep clean?

How about seamless wall panels that look good and don’t need regular regrouting and sealing?

The good news is, you are not limited to using tiles for your bathroom countertop in Ogden UT.

Sand and Swirl has a wide range of bathroom solutions that you will surely love!

Our team can help build a bathroom countertop and make it Grout-Free!

The Sand and Swirl Advantage

Sand and Swirl is a company you can rely on when it comes to the quality of our products. 

We are known for the quality and low-cost of our cultured marble products for all your bathroom and shower construction and remodeling needs.

As Utah’s top cultured marble supplier, our cultured marble and stone surfaces are second to none.

If you want to lower your bathroom countertop cost, you need to choose a trusted and reliable bathroom remodel contractor to do the job for you.

Fifteen years of experience is what you get when you hire Sand and Swirl. Join the list of Utah homeowners in Ogden, Bountiful, Layton, and surrounding areas who now have the bathroom countertop of their dreams.

Talk to us now and discover our grout-free bathroom solutions that can help you say goodbye to the hassles of maintaining grout forever.

Aside from our high-quality cultured marble products, we also have polished granite and our trademark TruStone products you can consider for your bathroom countertop in Ogden, UT.


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