April 2

Should you put off your bathroom renovation because of COVID-19?


With spring right around the corner, many home-owners would be jumping into doing a remodel project in their home. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering if they should put that bathroom remodel project off. While I cannot answer for everyone what they should do, there are a few reasons to consider moving forward with your bathroom remodel.

A change in the home can brighten the mood

With most of us being asked to stay indoors for a while, our mood and emotions are being affected. By doing a simple update of the bathroom counter or tub surround can bring a change to how you feel about being inside. You will feel refreshed and have a brighter mood. The only challenge is you might have to wait to invite people over to have a look.

A cultured marble surface can be easier to keep germ free

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably been worried about keeping your home clean to prevent the spread of any viruses. This can be challenging when you are trying to clean tile, stone, or other porous surfaces. With a cultured marble countertop or tub surround, cleaning is made simple with our 100% sealed surfaces. Simply apply soapy water to the surface and then squeegee it dry. That’s it! A simple solution to a germ-free home.

Our Installers can keep you safe

The most important reason why now would be a great time to complete your remodel project is that our installers are trained to keep you safe. Your safety and the safety of our employees are the most important point to consider. Our team can work with you to ensure that your health is protected. For information on what our team is doing, we’ve prepared this video to help ease your concerns:

Of course, we understand if you are concerned with us entering your home. We will do all we can to work with your comfort level, even if that means waiting until things clear up.

Supporting the local economy

One final reason that now is a good time to start a bathroom remodel project is that you will be supporting our local economy. All of our cultured marble products are made right here in Ogden, Utah and support local families.


We know that these are different times we are in. We hope that everyone stays safe and together we will get through this crisis together. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for your amazing support of our business!


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