February 4

Take a seat – A guide to shower benches


This month I want to invite you to “take a seat” – quite literally. One of the hot trends in showers is installing a seat or bench in the shower. This is not only helpful for showering as we get older, it can also be helpful for simple everyday tasks, such as shaving legs – am I right ladies? No matter your reason for installing a seat in your shower, here are some seating options for you to consider:

Standard Corner Shower Seat

A standard corner shower seat is decorative and functional with a minimalist look and feel. The bottom of the seat is open, giving it a modern look and feel. The only disadvantage of this type of shower seat is the weight rating. A standard corner shower seat is only able to hold up to 200 lbs.

Custom Framed Corner Shower Seat

A custom framed corner shower seat is another option to consider for your shower. Because this type of shower seat is framed in, it is much more sturdy and can hold a lot more weight. The weight rating of this type of seat is 250 lbs and more.

Custom Framed Shower Benches

Another seating option is a full shower bench. The framed bench provides much more seating room in the shower and is a great option if you are a care-giver of an elderly person. Because the bench is fully framed, it also has a durable weight-rating and hold at least 250 lbs and more. These benches are also a great option if you are planning a complete walk-in shower.

Portable Shower Seat

The final seat option to consider is a portable shower chair. This option can be very convenient, especially if you need to be able to move the seat position of the chair making it more convenient for use in the shower.


The possibility of seats and benches can be endless. I invite you to come into our showroom and check out the various seat and bench options we can help install in your next shower!


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