February 16

2022 Bathroom Trends – Color and Free Standing Tubs


If you are looking to remodel your bathroom in 2022, you should know about the current trends that will make your bathroom look modern and beautiful!

2022 Bathroom Trends

All about the Color

Color is always important when thinking about remodeling a bathroom. The 2022 color trends of the year include:

  • Black and White (An ever classy color combination)
  • Greens and earth tones (mid to dark tone greens with light to dark brown tones)
  • Tranquil blues and greys

Spa-like surfaces

In addition to the colors being used, the trend is to mix with spa-like surfaces. The use of marble or stone to counter the soft curvy lines of sinks and bath tubs. Our solid surface cultured marble products are amazing and durable alternatives to natural marble or stone surfaces. In addition, they make cleaning and maintenance a breeze!

Free Standing Tubs

A super popular trend in bathrooms in 2022 are free standing bath tubs. Combine a free standing tub with a beautiful marble surround and you've created a space in your home to relax and restore. 

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Whether you are looking to follow this years bathroom trends or you are looking to create a trend of your own, come visit our beautiful display showroom and become inspired.

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