November 12

Problems with cultured marble showers


When doing a big remodel project, such as a bathroom, it is important to make sure your investment is going to last. A cultured marble shower is a product that when manufactured correctly should last for many years. That is why we were surprised when popular internet searches included the topic of problems with cultured marble showers. Taking an interest in what was being shared, I looked into some of these internet articles and decided to share some of my thoughts on this topic.

Problems that can occur with poorly made cultured marble showers

There is not doubt that when a cultured marble product is poorly made that there can be problems. Some of the most talked about problems include:

  • Scratching - cultured marble showers utilize a resin gel coat to give the product a beautiful and smooth hard coat finish. Scratching of this gel coat can definitely happen when using abrasive cleaning products. However, use of such products is not necessary when following our guide to cleaning and maintaining your cultured marble shower
  • Staining - The articles I read about this subject pointed to the fact that hard water stains could develop on the shower walls of a cultured marble shower. This is true not only for cultured marble showers, but also for tile or any other material used for your shower walls. Our cultured marble showers come with a simple cleaning guide that, if followed, will prevent any hard water stains from forming in the shower.
  • Discoloring - Some articles reported that cultured marble showers can discolor over time. Discoloring of cultured marble is a problem with certain gel coat resins, usually found in lower-end cultured marble products. A shower or tub surround from Sand and Swirl will not discolor over time because of the quality gel coats we use.

Avoid problems with cultured marble showers by choosing the right manufacturer

All of the above problems can be avoided by finding the right cultured marble manufacturer and installer. Sand and Swirl has been manufacturing and installing their own cultured marble showers since 2008. We are one of the only companies that both manufacture and install cultured marble products. Because we are the manufacturer, we also warranty our product against any defects - something that you wont find anywhere else you go.


A cultured marble shower would make a great addition to any bathroom remodel project. Turn your bathroom from boring to WOW with a beautiful cultured marble shower from Sand and Swirl!

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