February 17

4 Benefits of a Walk-In Shower


Four reasons why installing a walk-in shower can benefit you. At Sand and Swirl, Inc., our custom marble and granite walk-in showers are durable and affordable.

Looking at bathrooms in a new home, or looking to remodel any of the bathrooms in your current home? Interested in having more space and a more modern look, but not sacrificing any quality or durability in the process?

A walk-in shower could be just the thing for your home. Our cultured marble and granite walk-in showers are top notch quality and well-priced at Sand and Swirl, Inc., where we’ve been serving Layton, Ogden and other parts of Utah for over 15 years.

How can you benefit from a custom walk-in shower? There are several ways, it turns out.


Where a standard shower can often be one of the most cramped parts of your entire home, a walk-in shower will feel like a breath of fresh air. You can customize the size and specifications of the walk-in, and quickly turn this area from a necessity into a point of visual pride in the house.

Instead of curtains that are both restrictive and prone to mold and stench over time, a walk-in shower comes with customizable sliding or opening glass doors or some walk-in style showers can be designed to have no door or glass at all!

Even for a remodeled bathroom which will remain the exact same size, a walk-in shower can make you feel like you’re in a much more spacious place.


Cleaning a solid surface walk-in shower is exponentially easier than cleaning a normal one, for two reasons:

NO GROUT! : with more space and no grout there are fewer tough areas to get at during the shower cleaning process.

NO SEALING! : our showers have a high grade gel-coat surface that is non -porous requiring no sealing.


Materials like the cultured granite and marble we use at Sand and Swirl are meant to last for decades with proper maintenance, and the space in a walk-in shower makes this maintenance all that much easier.

Wheelchair Accessible

If you or anyone you live with uses a wheelchair, a walk-in shower is virtually a must-have. The convenience and comfort element is huge, both for the wheelchair user and for other family members or roommates who they’re sometimes dependent on.

Want to learn more about walk-in showers, or any other element of our high-quality marble and granite materials? Learn more about all our bathroom renovation products and more at Sand and Swirl, Inc.


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