October 14

A Beautiful Compromise


The best of both worlds

At times we get a couple visiting our showroom that can’t seem to agree on tile versus our grout free product, he or she loves the look of tile but the other (usually the one doing the cleaning) does NOT want grout.

We say how about a compromise?

Incorporate the tile into the area by putting it in as a border or we have suggested doing the tile around the soaker tub area with our cultured marble in the shower where most of the water will be. The end result is still minimal grout!

One of our customers had the fabulous idea of putting the tile in the dry-off area of the their walk in shower with our cultured marble in a complimentary color in the wet showering area. What a great idea! and they both left happy!

Get the best of both worlds & design your bathroom around YOUR tastes & needs with our experienced, knowledgeable staff here in our showroom!


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