July 5

Achieving Your Dream Bathroom Makeover


One of the most rewarding things we do at Sand & Swirl is helping people to transform the everyday spaces in their homes into spaces that gives them joy.

Just like the experts on those home-makeover TV shows, we’re able to guide our customers through the process of designing the perfect bathroom.

We have so many custom options in our Ogden showroom, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming – but we start by listening to help you narrow down the options to what you want based on your style and budget.
Sometimes, a customer will come in with some idea of what they want. They might have a general color scheme in mind, or a picture from a magazine.

Sometimes they’ll bring in a paint swatch, or show us smartphone pictures of their existing bathroom and examples of things they’ve seen that they like.

Sometimes they have no idea what look they’re going for, but they know they want to modernize their bathrooms with modern, low-maintenance materials.

What’s great is that every bathroom surface option we offer is durable, high-quality cultured marble. Different types of cultured marble have different costs based on the labor and materials that are needed to achieve a certain look, but they all come with the same quality guarantee.

Everything we produce is custom-made in or Ogden manufacturing facility, meaning you’re not limited to standard sizes; we can custom-make your showers, countertops, baseboards, and other bathroom surfaces to whatever dimensions and configuration you prefer.
Colors range from the popular grays and warm tones, with looks that range from subtle to statement, to more unusual options like greens, blues, and “bling” to make your shower sparkle.

If you prefer a sink that’s not centered, or a contrasting color in the back of a cubby, a border running through the design, or any other special request, we can make it happen – and we like helping people put together custom options to design exactly what they want.
We also offer cost estimates during the design process to help you achieve the look you want within your budget, and we have a ton of pictures here in the showroom to help spark ideas.

Designing your bathroom makeover at Sand & Swirl is a completely different process from buying an off-the-shelf product from a big-box home improvement store – and we pride ourselves on the value that we create for the customer in the custom design process.

All of our custom-designed cultured marble is installed with quality, long-lasting and mildew-resistant silicone caulking – and everything comes with a guarantee.

We’re often told how enjoyable the process is for customers, because in a world where so many things are one-size-fits-all, it can mean a lot to have the opportunity to design something that reflects your own personality and style.

Ultimately, that’s what we’re in business for: not just to make money, but to help people improve their spaces and their lives – and we love walking them through that process.


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