June 21

Benefits of Cultured Marble Countertops & Showers


At Sand & Swirl, we offer multiple options for cultured marble countertops & showers. What are some of the primary benefits of these products?

Made out of cast polymer, cultured marble countertops are some of the most popular choices out there for bathroom countertops & showers. At Sand & Swirl, we have numerous cultured marble and granite options available for vanity tops & showers anywhere in your home.

What are some of the advantages of marble over other materials like tile? Let’s take a look.

Unlike tile, which can cause several functional issues, cultured marble is a solid surface. Tile showers are much tougher to clean due to potential dirt & mold in between tiles – these grout joints have to be consistently maintained. In addition, tile grout stains, cracks & can come out of the joints causing water damage

With cultured marble countertops & showers, these aren’t concerns. Cultured marble requires no sealing & slabs are customized for each project, with detailed measurements and a piece that’s perfect for you.

Cultured marble is very affordable, one of the least expensive options on the market. Remodeling projects can be done for a fraction of the price – cultured marble can generally be found for half or a third of the price of stones like quartz.

Cultured marble is incredibly easy to clean. They are not damaged by basic household cleaners, and they are not porous – chemicals won’t permanently etch the surface, like they can with other stones. The surface is so smooth that it wipes down easily, with cleaning from a basic cleaner & best of all cultured marble countertops can be made with a seamless sink! No dealing with the goo that accumulates around or under the sink edges!

Cultured marble countertops & showers can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. They don’t chip easily, like with some stones, and it’s generally not as susceptible to major physical damage. This means that you get greater value for your purchase, as these countertops & showers will last longer.

Finally, of course, cultured marble is beautiful and offers a fine look for both residents and any guests. It’s clean & simple – giving it a classic and timeless look. It’s inexpensive, but provides the look that you’d find in a high end home.

Want to learn more about our cultured marble bathroom countertops & showers, or any of our other services? Speak to the experts a Sand & Swirl today.


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