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4 Exclusive Benefits of Walk in Showers

Many modern homes are being built with walk in showers. In addition to the beauty and modern elegance they bring, there are other benefits to consider when deciding whether or not to install a walk in shower in your own home. They are spacious (yet can fit in a small space), accessible, and elegant. They are easy to keep clean, especially when they are constructed with our beautiful cultured marble surfaces. Best of all, they are beautiful and timeless.

To truly be considered a walk in shower, there should be little to no lip or ledge as you enter the shower. This option is amazing for individuals who struggle getting in or out of traditional tubs or showers. They are also a must for wheelchair accessibility. But you don't need to have mobility issues to enjoy a walk-in shower in your home.

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Exclusive Benefits of Cultured Marble Walk in Showers

There are several advantages to having a walk in shower to a traditional shower or even a shower in a bath tub. These advantages are magnified when using Sand and Swirls amazing cultured marble surfaces. A few of those advantages include the following:

1. Easy to Clean

Because a cultured marble walk in shower is 100% sealed and has no porous grout surfaces, there isn't another walk in shower option that is easier to clean and care for. Simply wipe with mild soapy water, rinse, and squeegee the surface dry. That includes our no-slip cultured marble shower floor.

2. Superior Accessibility

With a low or no threshold entrance, a cultured marble walk in shower is ideal for wheelchairs or those who need a no-step solution to get in or out of the shower. Having a built-in bench or chair rest is another popular option requested in our walk in showers, making it the perfect option for those who wish to gracefully age in their own home.

3. Easy Construction and Installation Preparation

Another huge benefit is how easy it is to get your bathroom ready for a new walk in shower. Cultured marble easily installs over unfinished drywall and flooring. Our professional installers will help answer any questions you might have about your own project to help you get things ready. From there, one of our installers will come and professionally measure, cut, and install your new cultured marble shower, fit perfectly to your home. 

4. Increase the Value of your Home

The final benefit of a beautiful, modern walk in shower is the value it will bring to your home. In many cases a walk-in shower will increase the value of your home. Families looking to buy a home usually look for at least one bath tub in the home to be used by children, but a walk in shower will enhance the beauty and elegance of any home and will be especially attractive to those with accessibility needs.

If you would like to check out how a cultured marble walk in shower could transform your home, I invite you to schedule a time to visit our showroom where you can see fully installed samples of our products on display. To schedule a time to come in, simply visit our online showroom scheduler page and book a FREE, no-pressure consultation today.


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