July 2

Can I Install the Cultured Marble Myself?


One of the most frequent questions we hear in our showroom is, “Can I install the cultured marble myself?”  We understand the reason for their question, they are hoping to save a little money on their bathroom project.  I wanted to share a few points to consider about why doing a self-install may not be the best option when it comes to cultured marble.

Doing your own labor could be more costly

Many people think that they will save a lot of money if they install the cultured marble themselves.  This simply isn’t true.  Most of the cost for cultured marble is in the cultured marble pieces themselves.  A little mistake during the installation process can mean a big cost to you to fix it.

Unable to provide a product warranty

It is impossible for us to warranty our cultured marble product if it has not been installed correctly.  We can trust that the cultured marble was installed correctly by one of our trained and certified installers.  Because of this trust we can provide a 3-year warranty on our products, providing you extra peace of mind.

Installation by our professionals will look seamless

Our team of professional installers will make your cultured marble tub surround or shower look professional and seamless.  All of our cultured marble pieces are cut to fit on site so that your shower is a perfect fit for your home.  This will make your caulk lines thin and beautiful.  Your friends and family will admire the quality of your new shower for years to come.


I hope these points have helped you understand why doing a self-install of your cultured marble is not necessarily the best option to consider.  We hope you will trust us, the professionals at Sand and Swirl, with your next bathroom remodel project.  We know that you will love the results!


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