June 5

Did somebody say “Doggie shower”?


Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how frustrating it can be when your dog comes in your house with muddy feet!  It’s even more frustrating when you try to get them into your shower or tub to clean them up.  You are constantly fighting with your dog while you are trying to clean them off.  It sometimes feels that you might as well be in the shower with them.  At Sand and Swirl, we’ve improved an already great solution – A Doggie Shower!

Cultured Marble Doggie Shower with water bowlWhat is a Doggie Shower?

Simply put, a Doggie Shower is a place where you can wash your fur baby clean when they are dirty.  They usually have a flexible shower head so you can easily rinse off your pet.  These types of showers have been around for a while, but that isn’t why we’re featuring this important house-hold tool.  It’s because at Sand and Swirl, we’ve perfected this idea!

Easier to clean than tile

Most Doggie Showers are made of tile, which is fine if you have extra time to scrub the shower after you’re done scrubbing the dog.  With our completely sealed cultured marble surfaces, cleaning up the shower mess has never been easier – simply rinse and squeegee and you’re all done!

A durable surface you will love

Handling a dog in the shower can be difficult at times.  You might even drop something in the shower.  Our cultured marble surfaces are extremely durable so that you do not have to worry about them breaking and causing water damage.
Cultured marble decorative patterns

Beautiful designs & patterns

With the many different options that we offer, we can create a custom Doggie Shower that you and your dog will love.  We have many different designs and colors that can match any home decor look.

All for a good cause

We are always looking for ways to give back and for any down payments we receive during the month of June, we will donate a portion of the sales to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah – a place dedicated to helping and caring for abandoned pets.  May you and your dog love your new Doggie Shower in your home!

Help us to donate to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, UT
(Click to learn more about Best Friends Animal Shelter)


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