September 4

Did Someone Say You Do Commercial Bathroom Remodeling?

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you find out something new about one of your friends that you never knew before? Well, today might be one of those days. Most of you know the work we do with residential bathrooms and showers. However, you probably didn’t know that we also install cultured marble in commercial bathrooms.

It’s more than bathroom remodeling to us.

We have been installing cultured marble in commercial settings for years. However, a couple of projects we have completed recently caused us to reflect on how we are being involved in the community we love. We thought we would tell you about these projects and why they mean something to us.

Ogden Union Station

There are few buildings in Ogden that are more recognizable than the Ogden Union Station. Leading up to the 150th celebration of the driving of the Golden Spike, we were hired to remodel the bathrooms in this historic structure. This meant a lot to us because we have family ties to people on the railroad. I’m sure many of you may have a tie to the railroad in some way too. So the next time you set foot in the grand, historic Ogden Union Station, be sure to go and check out the cultured marble in the main floor restrooms.

Layton Christian Academy

The Layton Christian Academy is another wonderful place that we were able to share our talents with. We love the Layton Christian Academy, not only for the good that they do in our community but for the way they bring people together. There are so many wonderful community events that happen at this facility and we were honored to be able to help beautify a couple of their school restroom facilities.

We have been able to help owners of various businesses along historic 25th street and elsewhere to remodel their restroom facilities as well. At Sand and Swirl, it is more than just a job or a work order. We truly feel that we are helping people be a part of this amazing community of Ogden that we call home.


For those of you who truly know us, it is all about community and the people in our lives. Community is about the good that brings us together. We feel honored to be a part of a community that is blessed with such a rich heritage and wonderful people. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful community.


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