April 4

Does Cultured Marble Yellow?


A common question we receive about cultured marble is, “I hear that cultured marble turns yellow over time, is that true?”  The answer is it depends on how the cultured marble was manufactured.  There are two main reasons a cultured marble product may yellow over time – The marble is under catalyzed or a low-quality gel product was used to finish the surface.  That is why at Sand and Swirl, we are not only a cultured marble installation company, we are also the cultured marble manufacturer.

The Marble is under catalyzed

As cultured marble is being manufactured, it must go through a catalyzation process.  This is the process in which the cultured marble product is cured.  Often when a cultured marble product shows signs of yellowing, it is because the product has been under catalyzed.  We have developed our own proprietary

  1. The marble is under catalyzed (the process in which the marble is cured)
  2. A low-quality gel product was used

These two reasons are precisely why we manufacture our own cultured marble products at Sand and Swirl.  We feel that our proprietary process for creating cultured marble is superior to all other cultured marble products available on the market, which is why we stand behind our products.


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