March 6

It’s Tax Season! – 3 bathroom remodeling ideas for tax season


Tax Season is here, so that means refunds are beginning to trickle in and we’ve gathered a list of easy bathroom updates you can do with the extra cash flow. Bathroom updates are a great way to freshen up your space, and help raise the asset on your home.

1. Integrated Cultured Marble Sink

Ladies, An integrated cultured marble sink is a great way to give your bathroom an fresh, modern look.  Because the sink and the counter-top is all one piece it makes cleaning a cinch, which we know is something you will love.  It’s also affordable and long-lasting, which is something we know your husbands will love.



2. Tub Surround

Many tub surrounds are made of tile or vinyl, both of which come with their own problems.  Tile can look nice at first, but the time and maintenance of keeping the tile and the grout clean can be a big burden.  Vinyl is easier to keep clean, but doesn’t give your bathroom a very elegant look.  A cultured marble tub surround is both easy to clean and adds a beautiful style to your bathroom.



3. Step-in Shower

A step-in shower will be the envy of all of your neighbors and friends!  This roomy shower will bring a new level of elegance and class to any bathroom and there is never a worry about getting water damage behind the shower because every wall is completely sealed to prevent mold or other water damage from occurring.


Ugliest Bathroom Contest!

With it being tax season, we are hoping to help you save even more with your bathroom remodel project!  We are giving away $200 off a step in shower or $75 off a tub surround to the winner of our ugliest bathroom contest.  Here’s how to enter.

  1. Submit a picture of your ugly bathroom here
  2. Like our Facebook page
  3. Share this post with friends and family

It’s that simple!  We look forward to seeing who our lucky winner will be!



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