January 3

New Years Resolutions – Focus on what’s important


New Years Resolutions – A New Start

Each new year brings a new hope, a new start.  We often find ourselves doing away with old habits in our lives and working on something we wish to improve.  To have a new start, to make lasting change in our lives, is the foundation for New Years resolutions.  No matter your resolutions, I hope you will achieve all of your dreams in this new year!

It’s About Time

At Sand and Swirl, our focus for the New Year is spending more time with our family.  We have so many things that compete for our time – work, hobbies, school, social media, friends, etc.  But have you ever stopped to consider the many mundane things that consume your time and take you away from family, such as cleaning around the house?

Since we specialize in bathroom vanities and shower enclosures, let’s consider the amount of time you spend each week deep cleaning the tile and grout in your bathroom.

If you cleaned the tile and grout around your shower or bath tub daily, this task might take you about 10 – 15 minutes.  Not too long, but when you add that time up over a week, you could have an extra 60 – 90 minutes to spend with your family.  Not to mention how tired you feel after you are done scrubbing down the bathroom, am I right?

Now we are not suggesting that you go out and hire a maid-service company so you can spend the extra time with those you love, but we are suggesting that maybe there is a better way.  If you can relate to how much time and energy it takes to clean the bathroom tile and grout in your home, we invite you to consider cultured marble in your bathroom.  Our grout-free surfaces are easy to clean and require little to no scrubbing on your part.


As you create your New Years Resolutions, we invite you to spend more time with family and less time cleaning your bathroom.  Come visit our new showroom and see how a beautiful, grout-free surfaces can save you time.

New Years Resolutions - Spend less time cleaning your bathroom with a cultured marble shower enclosure

Cultured Marble Features:
  • Grout-free
  • Easy to clean
  • No scrubbing
  • Assorted colors / styles
  • 100{d4c11b996feace37eaedf70855a2358d0397c0c5ccdcd35afcc5f13286e3de73} sealed surface
  • Prevents water-decay & mold


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