March 16

Our Shower Ceilings- affordable, easy to clean and smart!


Today, I’d like to talk about something that we hardly ever think of when we’re in our bathrooms. I’m sure you guessed it based on the title of this blog – THE CEILING

When was the last time you took a good long look at your bathroom ceiling? How about the ceiling right above your shower? Chances are, especially if you’re a big fan of nice, long showers like my teenage daughter, your ceiling could probably use a little TLC. All that humidity really does take its toll on the plaster and paint. We pay so much attention to our sinks and tubs that we sometimes forget that our ceilings are surfaces that could use attention, too. Whenever we do a shower install, we always get questions on whether we can do the shower ceiling – and the answer is yes, yes we can!

When we install a shower, our ceilings get installed before the walls, and use the walls as extra support. Like all of our surfaces, they’re custom poured to fit your shower space perfectly, so all the seams are just along the perimeter of the shower, where the ceiling meets the wall. If you have one of those weird, basement-like bathroom ceilings that accomodates for odd angles for pipes and the like, not a problem! We’ll piece it together beautifully (just like in the photos to the left). We also pour your ceiling to accommodate for recessed light fixtures, fans, and shower heads. We recommend that with our surface, you use a low heat emitting light, like LED or fluorescent lighting to prevent overheating the surface. And of course, our ceilings are made with the exact same material as the rest of the shower walls and floor – that same quality cultured marble, granite or TruStone of your choice in any and all colors. Trim it up, keep it plain, the choice is yours. We’ve had wonderful results either way.


I think that if you’re going to get a shower installed, you really should get a ceiling to go with it. Even if you have a jet engine for a bathroom fan, that condensation is still going to happen. And that warm, moist environment likes to attract the creepy tag-a-longs, like mold. But, with a solid surface shower ceiling (say that 10 times fast), you don’t have to worry about that, it’s mold resistant. You can wipe it down just like the rest of your shower – it’s completely easy to clean.


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