November 2

Renovate and Remodel before the holidays


Every year we say it to ourselves – the holidays will be here before we know it, and here we are already counting down the number of shopping days remaining and the number of days before we host, entertain and welcome our families, friends and unexpected visitors into our homes with open arms.

Now you’re thinking is this really the right time for us to start a home improvement project? And we ask…is there ever a right time? With reasons like this fall can be the right time for you.

Your master bath is one of the top two rooms that can sell your house. Let’s face it, the master bathroom is one of two interior hot spots that add the most value to your home. Bathrooms, especially your master can be the most challenging room to upgrade. Look to make the most out of the existing shell. A quick update of faucets, lighting and adding a Realistic Cultured Marble counter top can do wonders!

Looking for a practical holiday gift? Rather than spending money on another watch or necklace that you get to enjoy just a small portion of the year, why don’t you use that money to invest in your home? This is the gift that will keep on giving all year long, something you’ll be able to enjoy each and every day! With options like our Trustone Products you will turn your vanity into a place of serenity. Plus, if you are still giving and receiving gifts amongst your friends and family why not make a wish list that will fit into your newly remodeled space like towels for your new bathroom or a rug that matches your new vanity.

Timing. Are you a person who tends to use your vacation time around the holidays, but doesn’t necessarily travel anywhere? Why not use this time to tidy up after your remodel? Get settled in with your new design and decorate your wonderfully newly remodeled bathroom.


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