June 20

Signs You Need a Bathroom Remodel



At Sand & Swirl, our list of options and services for your bathroom renovation is unmatched. Our selection of bathroom countertops and cultured granite solutions will bring you and your family the modern, beautiful look you want in your home.

Our services are perfect for those looking for an aesthetic upgrade, but they’re also excellent for bathroom renovations being made for larger reasons of necessity. There are several occasions where remodeling a bathroom isn’t just a preference, it’s absolutely vital to the value and structural integrity of the home. Let’s look at a few of these situations.


Mold has a tendency to build up in wetter areas, and the bathroom is a prime candidate. Minor issues of mold can often be handled with bleach, or in some cases with bathroom insulation that’s updated. For many larger issues, though, mold spreads too much for these kinds of basic fixes, and requires a full-on bathroom remodel. Significant mold in a home inspection report will absolutely lower home value in a situation where you’re eventually looking to sell, so ridding your home of it has financial benefits, as well.

Older Fixtures

There are various fixture elements in the bathroom that might make it ripe for a remodeling project. Toilets or showerheads that are over 10 years old often begin to have functional issues, issues that often increase water and other costs over time. Significant leaks in the bathroom can lead to mold or other issues, and can even cause cracks in porcelain. If you know your fixtures are a bit older, remodeling could be a great way to both bring a more modern look and update your necessary facilities.

House for Sale

If your home is going on the market soon, an outdated or moldy bathroom simply won’t do. The amount of value you stand to lose here will often greatly outweigh the amount you’d spend to have your bathroom remodeled, and there’s just a generally lower level of interest from buyers in a home with bathroom issues – you’re almost certain to get less bites from a given open house. Remodeling before you list your home for sale will attract more eyes, and will likely end up making you money in the long run.

Want to learn more about bathroom renovations, or any of our other services? Speak to the experts at Sand & Swirl today.


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