January 19

Top Bathroom Trends for 2023


With the New Year upon us, many look for ideas and trends to update or remodel their existing bathroom in their home. Most are looking for trendy colors, designs, light fixtures, as well as bathroom surfaces to use. If you are looking for ideas, you have come to the right place. We hope to share with you our knowledge of the new trends and help you find solutions to solving your bathroom remodeling decisions.

TruStone and Cultured marble shower enclosure

Bold Colors

One of the top bathroom trends in 2023 is the use of bold colors in your design. The use of colors in sinks, counters or even back splashes or tub or shower surrounds is in. But you want to use the bold colors only as an accent to the room. Keeping the walls a more neutral tone or white tone with small splashes of color will warm up the bathroom space in your home.

Natural Materials

The use of natural woods in cabinetry and other surfaces is way in. However, not every homeowner is able to afford natural surfaces in their remodel plans. In addition, natural surfaces can be much harder to maintain and care for. That is why a good artificial surface, like a cultured marble, can be a great alternative consideration in your bathroom remodel. 

Return to Timeless

While extreme trends have been way popular in past years, data shows that 2023 will be a return to more timeless looks or trends. For example, unpolished brass for plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware is a classic, timeless look that is returning. Other timeless considerations are lighting fixtures, mirrors, and decor. Think clean lines and classy feel when putting together the plan for your bathroom.


2023 will be a great year to start your bathroom remodel project. As always, we invite you to talk with our design experts in our beautiful showroom today. We can help you find the perfect surfaces that will make your bathroom both timeless and beautiful for 2023 and many years to come.


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