February 1

Unique Cultured Marble Installs


 Installing Cultured Marble – Unique Situations

We thought it would be fun to do a little “show and tell” this month and show that installing cultured marble is truly an art.  Sure, there are those installations that are as simple as measure, set and your done, but what do you do when you are installing a tub or shower wall in a log cabin?  And what do you do when a giant timber support beam is right in the middle of that shower wall?  Interestingly enough, that is exactly what we encountered in a beautiful log cabin in Huntsville, Utah.

We have to cut where?

As we started the bathroom wall installation, we quickly discovered that we would need to make a cut in the cultured marble to go around a large ceiling support beam.  This is where our installation professionals are a ‘cut’ above the competition.  They made a perfectly formed cut to go around the support beam, while other installers would cut a square notch in the cultured marble to go around the beam and fill it with caulking.  We feel our method gives a professional, seamless look to the finished wall.


We pride ourselves in having the best installers who will utilize their skills to make the installation look and feel seamless, giving you a beautiful finished product.  We settle for nothing less than perfection!  Should you?  Come in and visit our showroom to see beautiful examples of our cultured marble installations.

TruStone and Cultured marble shower enclosure Luxurious grout-free cultured marble bathtub enclosure with jetted tub


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