July 6

Using accents in design – 3 accent ideas for your bathroom


Have you ever heard someone use the term “cookie-cutter” when describing a home?  This attribute is often given to homes that do not show a lot of variety one to another.  As individuals, we like to stand out, we like to be different in some way.  That is why we think of ways we can use accents in our decorating design to show life and personality.  We’d like to share 3 bathroom accent ideas with you.

Generic Bathrooms are boring

When you think about a bathroom in a common home, you probably think of a white bath tub, a white toilet with walls painted a light shade of beige or gray.  There is very little contrast or variety to create interest.  In other words, the bathroom is one of the most boring rooms in the home.  But it doesn’t have to be!  A bathroom can be fun and exciting and we’d like to show you ways you could add accents and flair to your bathroom.

Use color as an accent

Brown Trim border against Beige Marble countertop

Color is an easy way to add an accent in your bathroom.  The use of color creates visual contrast and interest.  In our photo example, you can see the use of a chocolate brown border against a beige colored cultured marble.  If you are thinking of experimenting with color, but aren’t quite sure what colors to use, that is where we can help.  Our showroom is filled with color accent ideas that you could use in your bathroom.

Use Texture as an accent

Tile border against cultured marble splash wall

Using texture in a bathroom design can also add a visual accent to the room.  In our photo example, you can see the use of a tile border along with the cultured marble.  The tile border gives a texture with the different sizes and shapes of the tile to accent the smooth cultured marble surround.

It begins with an idea

If you are thinking about remodeling a bathroom, you have probably already started coming up with ideas about how you would like your bathroom to look.  My suggestion is to write all of your ideas down and then come and visit our showroom to discuss those ideas with a design expert.  We do more than just create and sell cultured marble, we help you define the look and feel of your dream bathroom.  Our goal is to help you make your dreams become a reality.


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