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What is cultured marble?


What is Cultured Marble?

I know that many who follow our company or our blog know, still there are others who ask the very legitimate question of "What is cultured marble?" Put simply, cultured marble is a man-made material using resins, pigments, and stone particles that create natural looking stone patterns. Differing from quarried stone, cultured marble is set using molds to create specific pieces, such as bathroom sinks, backsplashes, baseboards, tub surrounds, soap dish and shelves, and much more.

How durable is cultured marble?

Durability of cultured marble can depend on how it is made and the materials that are used. The creation of cultured marble begins with a gel coat. The gel coat creates a hard, transparent surface allowing you to see the stone surface. Our gel coats are very durable and can resist scratching, staining, and even discoloring.

The second step of the process is the mixture of color and stone particles. The quality of cultured marble products can vary in this step of the process as well. Our process uses only the highest quality fillers, which makes our product quality higher than many of our competitors.

When cultured marble is made and installed correctly, it can be equal in durability to tile and other natural stone products. Considering that it is also half the cost of most natural stone products, it is also a very affordable solution to give your bathroom the elegant look of marble or other natural stones.

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What are other benefits to using cultured marble?

  1. 100% Sealed surface with no grout lines
  2. Easy to clean and maintain
  3. Will stay looking like new for longer
  4. More economical than tile or stone

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom, you should definitely stop by and see how beautiful our natural stone alternative products could look in your bathroom.

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