June 6

What our clients are saying about us


We always love to hear from our clients about their experience working with us and we thought you might too!  Our Google My Business page contains many reviews from our clients.  We thought it might be fun to share a few that might be relatable to you.

My condo was built in 1971. I had an insurance claim due to the grout in the shower coming out, and was leaking into the sheetrock below. The Restoration compay was extremely slow, but the one good thing was finding out about Sand and Swirl. They were able to do the job for the same price, or less than tile. I picked out the cultured Marble in their showrrom. Jake was very helpful. I even got a place to sit in the shower that I wanted. I live my new shower!

– Lori M.

It’s great stories like this one from Lori that make us smile.  I think there are many others like her that think that tile is a less expensive option than cultured marble.  We couldn’t have said it better than you did Lori!  Thanks for the positive review!

Sand & Swirl just completely my second project. I love the appearance and easy maintenance of their product. The owners and staff are easy to work with. I am most impressed by the installers. They were courteous and respectful of me and my property. They even cleaned up after themselves. Great job fellows. Thank you for making my remodel a happy experience.

– Linda B.

First of all, thank you, Linda, for choosing to use us a second time.  We are always grateful when our clients love what we do enough to trust us with future remodel projects.  Thank you for including a mention of our installers as well.  I think we have the best installers in the industry, which is one of the things that makes our product so good.

OUTSTANDING! They were professional and kind. They explained every step of the process & what we could expect. The arrived when they said they would, and the installer was professional gave his expert opinion when asked. When we were in the planning stages, they helped us find something that is the perfect fit for us. Absolutely recommend Sand & Swirl for your next project!

– Elizabeth N.

Elizabeth, we love that the experience was so good for you.  Communication is always key to a good experience and it sounds like things worked flawlessly for you.  That is always the goal.  Thanks for your awesome review!


We know that when making a decision of a company to work with, good reviews are always important.  We have thousands of satisfied clients that are more than willing to share their experience with us and we want to share them with you.  At the end of the day, we know that you’ll enjoy the product, but we want the experience with us to be just as memorable.  We are excited to hear your story of working with us.


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