December 21

Why Natural Stone is Perfect For Millennials


While there’s no specific age definition for “millennials,” it’s clear no matter how exactly you define it that this group is a larger and larger part of homeownership with every passing year. Generally defined as beginning with birth years in the early 80s and ending in the mid-90s or early 2000s, millennials are now regularly reaching the stages of adulthood where they own homes – and want to make the kinds of smart investments in them that will maintain a positive financial situation moving forward.

At Sand and Swirl, we’re here to tell you about one investment that definitely fits this bill: Natural stone products like cultured granite, marble and others for your bathroom and kitchen countertops, plus several other areas. Why are these products perfect for the younger generation moving into homeownership? Let’s take a look.

Legitimate Investment

Particularly among those who have already saved enough to own their own homes, millennials as a group are looking for quality investments. They generally realize that homeownership is a long-term game, and they want the kinds of materials and amenities that provide both function and future value.

In some cases, the slightly higher price tag of natural stone materials might concern millennials at first. But when they stop to consider the incredible longevity it comes with, plus the way it helps raise home values well above and beyond the money actually spent to install it, they generally come around. Natural stone is highly durable, resisting high temperatures and even scratches. And in addition, it’s a hygienic surface that won’t let bacteria or other contaminants fester.

Unique Options

Millennials are by and large a group that celebrates their own independence, and this kind of approach is often reflected in the kinds of materials they want in their home. The fact that granite and marble pieces are all unique – every single one is unlike any other in the world – often greatly appeals to people with this kind of mindset.

The combination of uniqueness and functionality is what really seals the deal in most cases here. Millennials are independent, yes, but they aren’t going to want a unique product if it’s defective or doesn’t provide the same quality as another – but that’s not an issue with natural stone, which is extremely high-quality but also unique.


Finally, a higher percentage of millennials care greatly about the environment than any previous generation, and this can play a big role in the amenities and materials they want in their homes. Natural stone comes from the earth, with no other chemical processes or energy needed to create it. It also contains no harmful toxins or chemicals of any kind, so the indoor environment is always in good shape.

For more on why natural stone is so appealing to millennials, or to learn about any of our cultured marble or granite product, speak to the pros at Sand and Swirl today.


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