October 5

5 Benefits of Cultured Marble Showers


There are many benefits to cultured marble showers over more traditional tile and stone-based showers. You may have even heard us talk about the benefits of cultured marble, such as that it is 100% sealed and easy to clean. While those are benefits of cultured marble, those aren't specific to cultured marble showers. However, here are 5 benefits of a cultured marble shower that you probably haven't considered:

1. Beautiful designs and combinations

With our Carrara, granite, sand stone, and TruStone products, the design possibilities of your cultured marble shower are almost endless. Our designers work with you to create a perfect look of your shower that is both elegant and timeless.

2. Long-lasting and Durable Surface

A benefit our customers have grown to love is how durable and long-lasting their cultured marble showers are. With the proper care and maintenance, your cultured marble shower will look just as good 15 years from now as it did when it was first installed.

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3. Cultured Marble Showers are Environmentally Friendly

Unlike tile and stone showers that often need harsh chemicals to keep clean, a cultured marble shower is environmentally friendly. Because our showers are a 100% sealed surface, it only takes a mild soap and some water to keep them clean and looking like new.

4. Cultured Marble Showers Come with a 5- year warranty

Because we believe in our product so much, our showers are covered with a five-year warranty. Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your shower investment is protected. You won't find a warranty for tile or stone showers.

5. Your entire purchase helps the local economy

Sand and Swirl prides itself on being a locally owned and operated company in Ogden, Utah. All of our cultured marble showers are manufactured locally at our facility in Ogden. This means that every dollar you invest in your cultured marble shower helps power our local economy.

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From elegance and beauty, to warranty, to supporting a local company, you can't go wrong with a cultured marble shower from Sand and Swirl. Come visit us in our showroom and let us help you see the amazing options we have for your next shower!


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