February 24

Cultured Marble: The Next Generation of Remodeling


As modern technology has advanced, so have several areas of interior design. People want sleek designs which combine aesthetics and functionality, and many want this along with a modern feel.

At Sand & Swirl, we’re here to meet these needs. Our cultured marble products aren’t your grandmother’s marble – they’re designed to provide beautiful, functional, and best of all modern solutions for your next bathroom or home remodel. What makes our cultured marble the next generation in this field? Let’s take a look.


Cultured marble looks just as beautiful as the real thing, and often more so – pigments and dyes can be used in cultured marble to create a veining effect that many other forms of marble and granite can’t match. These are typically added during the casting process, meaning the customer has unprecedented control over color scheme and aesthetics, which have a virtually unlimited range of customizable options. The sealant used in this process also adds shine and luster to the material.


Unlike most natural marble, which is porous and easily stained by simple household liquids, cultured marble is coated with a protective layer during production. These protective resins make it stain-resistant and resilient to the elements, which is why it’s often so perfect for counter tops and other areas in the bathroom.

It’s easy to clean with a soft sponge and mild soap, so you won’t be spending on expensive cleaning products either. The layer also protects it from basic scrapes and scratches which might harm the surface.


Natural marble has been very expensive to quarry and produce in the past, and it’s often very difficult to install – both these elements raise the price significantly. As a man-made product, however, cultured marble is much less expensive to produce while still providing many of the same benefits and looks as standard marble. Your guests will never know the difference, but your pocketbook certainly will.

Ease of Installation

Cultured marble is made in special molds which can be altered to meet certain specifications. There will be minimal seams in corners, and hence less risk of water damage and mold growth. The ability to design products exactly to specification reduces the need for shaping and then using grout or sealant to create the seamless surface.

Put it all together, and cultured marble is truly the perfect modern design solution. To learn more about our cultured marble or granite services, speak to the experts at Sand & Swirl today.


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