March 28

Factors Outside Color Affecting Countertop Choice


For some who have never been involved in selecting a new countertop in the past, the process may seem almost too simple. You just select a basic color that matches with the rest of the room’s design, get the materials installed, and you’re good to go, right?

At Sand and Swirl, we’re here to tell you that this is far from the case. Whether you’re working with our cultured marble, cultured granite or any of our other bathroom countertop materials, there’s much more to achieving a beautiful look than just the color involved. Let’s go over several of the important factors you should consider here.

Material Choice

First and foremost is the material choice, and you have several options available here. We offer traditional products like cultured marble and granite, but also others like the TruStone line that combines real granite and natural stone with cultured marble through heat and pressure fusion.

Which material you choose will set the baseline for many other elements of consideration. As you’ll note in our subsequent sections, this first decision can trickle down to several other areas.

Finish and Texture

When it comes to the aesthetics of a given bathroom, one of the most overlooked factors in countertops is the finish. You can take the exact same color of countertop material and make it look completely different based on the finish you use, particularly if you involve good lighting formats as well.

In recent decades, the most popular style was always a glossy, shiny finish. This reflects light and brings the kind of modern look most homeowners are going for. However, there are certain colors that won’t do well with heavy reflections, and may actually do better with a matte finish. This look is often used in bathrooms with children or pets commonly present, as it does well concealing fingerprints, smudges and other little imperfections while also presenting a comfortable surface to touch.

Stone “Movement”

Within natural stone slabs, the “movement” is an industry term used to describe the pattern or veining that’s present. True natural stone slabs are each unique, while manmade patterns will be more repetitive but may be designed to mimic the natural stone themes commonly seen. This is another prominent visual factor that you should pay close attention to during your selection process.

Etching, Temperature and Stone Maintenance

Not all stone materials have the same resistance to various damage issues, such as etching, scratches and resistance to temperatures. Our pros can explain each and every one of these factors to you as you make your choice – consider the most common uses you have for your countertops and related areas and ask about any performance issues you’re concerned about.

For more on factors beyond color that you should consider when choosing a bathroom countertop, or to learn about any of our cultured stone products, speak to the pros at Sand and Swirl today.


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