August 13

Matching Cultured Granite Color With Complementary Accents


When it comes to bathroom countertops, vanity tops and similar needs, cultured granite is one of the top possible materials out there. Combining a beautiful aesthetic with durability and technology, cultured granite is extremely cost-efficient and long-lasting.

At Sand and Swirl, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of cultured granite products, available in numerous styles and colors. Color, in particular, is an interesting area to consider within the world of countertops and vanities – when choosing granite materials, the color of the initial design says a lot about how you’ll complement the remaining space. Let’s look at several granite color scheme options and give a few suggestions on the complementary colors you can use when designing your bathroom remodel.

White Granite

Granite is a natural stone, meaning it tends to work best with other colors you can find in nature. White countertops are some of the most common options here, often accompanied by black veins – this scheme goes very well with stone-gray backdrops and walls, plus potentially a few other muted colors as accents.

Some choose to use blue-green colorations for their cabinets and other features, while others prefer to leave them a semi-gloss white here. And if you have wood flooring in or near the bathroom, you might also consider basic plank flooring with a strong grain.

Browns, Beiges

If you’re looking more in the direction of variegated browns or beiges, tan walls and cabinets are often the best complement here. They bring texture and variation to the area, and can add ambiance if you infuse a bit of a rustic feel into minor accents. If you’re using white countertops with gray or beige veins, on the other hand, you can use cream and grayish accents – the paler the counter, the darker contrasts should be, and vice versa.

Black or Brown Granite

Many choose to go a bit darker with their granite, shooting for chocolate brown or even black. Darker browns tend to do very well with silver accents, perfect for cabinet handles or sink fixtures. Meanwhile, you could consider coloring bigger wall cabinets straight black, with salt and pepper accents that are often associated with granite in general. If you choose truly black granite, on the other hand, you might want to go lighter with your walls and ceiling, such as beige or even white considerations.

Golden Granite

Finally, if you’re looking for a brighter appearance, golden granite accompanied by a bright mustard yellow wall can be a great choice. Many choose to accompany this with cream cabinets and similarly golden accents, including handles and fixtures.

For more on choosing the best color schemes to complement your cultured granite choice, or to learn about any of our granite or marble bathroom materials and how we can help with your bathroom remodel, speak to the staff at Sand and Swirl today.


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