April 9

General Budgeting Themes for a Kitchen Remodel


Within any home remodel, budgeting will be one of the primary factors considered. You have a range of money you want to spend plus desires you want met during the remodel, and prioritizing how to merge these two areas is one of your top tasks.

At Sand and Swirl, we’re happy to help with budgeting questions and concerns for any of our kitchen or bathroom remodeling products, from cultured marble and granite to many other options. Let’s narrow in on the kitchen remodel, which can have a huge impact on not only your comfort and daily life but also your home value. Here are some budgeting tips and themes we can recommend while considering the scope of your project.

Comparing Cost and Value

Many people might consider these terms similar or even the same, but they aren’t. When we talk about cost, we’re referring to the raw amounts of money you spend on your remodel – materials, labor, maintenance and other areas.

When we talk about value, though, we could be referring to a whole additional world. Updating your kitchen in several prominent ways isn’t just a cost thing, though it will almost certainly add value to your home from a monetary standpoint; it’s also about themes like convenience, comfort, longevity in the home, and overall peace-of-mind. These are areas you can’t necessarily measure using only dollars and cents, especially if you’re making an upgrade to a home you plan to live in for decades moving forward. It’s important to assess cost and related factors, of course, but remember that there’s more to it as well.

Understanding Your Project

Now, on the flip side of this, it’s still vital to understand exactly what you’re paying for and how it will look when it’s done. Generally speaking, remodeling projects are broken down into four major areas: Materials, labor, installation, and future profit/return on investment.

Ask in advance about any areas where you’re concerned here, including how these intersect. We’ll happily break down pricing structures and other important details so you know exactly what’s going in your kitchen before any work begins.

ROI Considerations

As we’ve noted a couple times here, kitchens offer great potential for improving your home’s resale value, thus bringing great return on investment. Kitchens and bathrooms generally take this title, as their renovations and beauty are strong factors for potential buyers.

Breathing Room

No matter what range your budget is in for a given project, it’s good to pad it just a little and leave yourself some breathing room. It’s always possible unexpected expenses will come up, and if they don’t you can simply take this money back. We recommend adding 10 to 15 percent to your standard budget when remodeling your kitchen.

For more on proper budgeting for a kitchen remodel, or to learn about any of our natural stone products, speak to the staff at Sand and Swirl today.


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